Top Chef Ends Amazing Race’s Emmy Reign!

Top Chef Ends Amazing Race‘s Emmy Reign!

The Amazing Race‘s seven year Emmy domination came to a screeching halt last night in one of the biggest shockers of this year’s awards ceremony as Bravo’s Top Chef went home with the award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. 

The Amazing Race had won every single award given in the category since it’s creation in 2003 and had the longest consecutive winning streak for a series, tied with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (who is now the sole holder of that record with eight consecutive wins with another this year).

Reaction to the win has been mixed from relief to some who saw Race‘s dominance as boring while others admit both Race and Top Chef had subpar seasons.  Others are just happy it wasn’t American Idol

The first Emmy loss for The Amazing Race should be a kick in the pants for the show to step it up for the upcoming 17th and 18th seasons of the show.

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