For Your Emmy Consideration: The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race has had a very successful Emmy run. It has won every single Reality-Competition Program Emmy as well as been honored with five Creative Arts Emmys.

People have been criticizing their wins as boring, repeats, and unoriginal, calling for the Emmys to give someone else the award for a change. Other nominees are calling for the series to withdraw the show from Emmy contention to open the door for another series.

But why should anyone try to deny The Amazing Race a would-be rightful Emmy?

A little comparison: If an elementary school student gets an award for getting the highest grades in the class, year after year, say from Kindergarten to 6th grade and is all set to place at the top again in 7th grade, should that student step aside and let someone else win the award, despite them having worked for that top spot? Should we ask that student to withdraw their name from the class roster so someone else could take the award?

While there are certainly plenty of merits in singing and dancing competitions, fashion and cooking contests, and intricate games of survival, they still pale in comparison to the literal worldwide scope of The Amazing Race.

No other reality/competition program has been able to, or even attempted to match The Amazing Race‘s adventure around the world. Eleven teams, 22 people, exploring the most exotic of locations, interacting with the most diverse cultures and people, competing not just for a cash prize at the end of the Race, but even more so, for a chance to Race around the world.

Season after season, the teams who participated in the Race, win or lose, always point to traveling around the world as the most rewarding aspect of the Race. Traveling with a loved one or friend, they’d do it again in heartbeat, even if there wasn’t a million dollars at the end of the Race.

Even after 16 seasons, the Race has continued to be a way for viewers at home to live vicariously through these eleven teams. Being able to see and learn about people and places sometimes they’ve never even heard of.

And if all of that isn’t a rewarding television experience yet, The Amazing Race has all the drama of a reality-competition program, but with plenty of humor, lots of heart, and always fun.

Behind the camera, The Amazing Race is even more impressive. The incredible number of people that help make the production possible, not just in the United States but in each of the local destinations the show visits shows just what kind of planning and logistics are involved.

When the series finally goes to air, viewers are treated to edge of your seat excitement, stunning international destinations, interesting drama, hilarious comedy, and heartwarming moments. Individually, you may find on other shows, but together only on one: The Amazing Race.

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