For Your Emmy Consideration: Julie Chen

Big Brother used to be at the bottom of the reality show heap, its voyeuristic premise, the sexy singles and the sleazy villains. Until VH1 came along of course. Now, in comparison, Big Brother is downright Emmy worthy.

But while the show remains a guilty pleasure, and at times, interesting drama, one aspect of the series that has always deserved Emmy consideration is host Julie Chen.

Can any other television host get called a robot, a Chenbot to be exact and still seem knowledgeable and sophisticated and laugh it off? It helps that she is a journalist, but how about putting the aforementioned sleazy contestants in their place? MCing the most mundane and ridiculous challenges with a straight face? MCing those challenges and secretly cracking herself up thinking they are mundane and ridiculous.

She also has the best reality show catchphrase with “But first!”

But first! Not only does she do all of this week after week, this past season, she did it while pregnant! Jeff Probst probably couldn’t host Survivor pregnant.

The very things people criticize Julie Chen on, are exactly what makes her the perfect host for Big Brother and one of the most awesome on TV. She has definitely loosened up since the awkward first season. Eleven seasons later, she enjoys what she does, she has fun, she’s happy. She is natural, lets jokes slide off her tongue, quick to challenge the houseguests if they give her attitude, can smell bullsh-t a mile away, and expects to expect the unexpected.

Julie ‘the Chenbot’ Chen… For your Emmy consideration.

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