Glee: An Example of When Supporting is More Interesting

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This week’s episode of Glee really highlighted something about many television series that may or may not be a good thing depending on how you look at it.

Many times, the supporting cast and characters are twice as interesting as the supposed lead or main characters. The Office is a good example of that, where the rest of the office is much more interesting and most of the time funnier than Jim, Pam or Michael. Maybe less is more?

On The Office, Creed usually gets one, or if we’re lucky, two zingers, two memorable quotables that top anything else that’s been uttered in that specific episode. That one or two lines end up being a lot more memorable that the latest development in Michael’s or Jim and Pam’s love life.

Maybe good things do come in small doses. And that was definitely the case in this week’s Glee. Arguably, the biggest stories on Glee are Will/Tara/Emma and Rachel/Finn/Quinn/Puck entanglements. And of course anything Sue, which could be an exception.

Sue Sylvester, thanks in large part to Jane Lynch’s awesomeness, is dynamic, funny, and interesting. This week’s episode was the first time since “Don’t Stop Believing” and the pilot that I felt the show had heart. Sue and her sister was an amazing revelation that actually showed that “heart” the show has been promoting and been praised for by critics.

And Tina, Artie, and Kurt… it was the first episode we really saw them shine more than lead characters which was great and refreshing and definitely had me a lot more interested than the baby drama… all of it. Throw in Mercedes and the yet to speak Mike and Matt the football players actually getting lines and it would’ve an exceptional episode!

My main gripe about the May special preview of the pilot was that it moved too fast. We didn’t get enough to really care about any of the characters. It was very plot driven which is hard for a show like this where we’re supposed to care and be right along with them on their journey to their ultimate goal.

Slowly, but surely the show has been able to develop that connection but I think it will take the rest of the season to shore it up. I’m willing to wait.

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