Recap: The Amazing Race 15, Episode 6 – “I wish I were naked right now!”

Episode 15.06 – Do It For the Hood!  Do It For the Suburbs!
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The 6th leg begins with Meghan & Cheyne getting their first clue.  Teams will have to choose one of the locked briefcases by the Mat and then travel to the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club where they will search the marina’s boardwalk for their next clue.

They get there and woah! We have the Road Block.  (First time we’ve had one so early in an episode yeah?)
In this Road Block, teams will have to row an inflatable dinghy to a yacht where a shiek will give them a watch, following the Arab custom of hospitality.  They’ll row back to the dock to open their briefcase and the teams must figure out that the time on the watch, 8:35, is the code to open the case which has their next clue.

Cheyne goes off to do the Road Block while Brian & Ericka leave the Pit Stop more than an hour and a half after the lead team.  Flight Time & Big Easy then leave almost an hour after them with Gary & Matt right behind.  

Meghan & Cheyne easily finish the Road Block and get their next clue telling them to head to Abra Station, a dock for water taxis in the Souq quarter of Dubai where they will find their next clue.  Brian & Ericka arrive and he chooses to do the Road Block, though he doesn’t seem to know how to row.

Almost an hour after Gary & Matt, Sam & Dan leave the Pit Stop and wish the Globetrotters would be out since they’ve been doing so well.  Brian & Ericka finish as Gary & Matt arrive.  Gary does the Road Block and finds interesting ways to paddle.

The very separate Race continues as Meghan & Cheyne arrive at the next clue, the Detour.  In this Detour, teams will choose between Gold or Glass.
In Gold, teams will use a precision scale to weigh out $500,000 worth of gold using a regularly fluctuating gold exchange rate on a nearby screen by dividing $500,000 by the exchange rate.
In Glass, teams will put together 12 hookah pipes using disassembled parts in a crate and looking at 3 displays as guides.  They must use all given parts to be given their next clue. 

Meghan & Cheyne decide to do Glass since the exchange rate is too confusing.  They begin and find that assembling the hookahs is a little tricky.  Meghan starts to freak out and get frustrated.
Brian & Ericka find the Detour and decide to go to the gold.  They try to do the math, but that’s turning out to be tricky as well.  Ericka wishes they had a calculator.

The last two teams depart the Pit Stop and now all teams are on the Race course. 
Big Easy gets in the dinghy for the Road Block and doesn’t know how to row either.  He begins a backstroke, which Dan follows when they arrive.  They get the watch and head back to the docks just as Tiffany gets out into the water.  

Dan easily figures out the combination, but Big Easy is stuck on the combination being 8, 7 (which the minute hand is pointing to) and some other number he thought was the date.  Dan passes and quickly comes Tiffany.  Mika & Canaan catch up as well.  Contrary to Mika’s belief, the Muslim clock is exactly the same as an American one and Canaan opens up the briefcase leaving the Globetrotters now in last place.  Big Easy finally figures out it’s the time and they are off.

Brian & Ericka give a guess, but it’s wrong.  Brian wants to switch Detours.  They try one more, but it’s still wrong.  They go.  Meanwhile Meghan & Cheyne don’t realize they need to use all parts, so no matter how much tongs switching they do, the man isn’t giving them their next clue.  Meghan’s freaking out even more.  She’s still frantic even as they figure it out and they move on.  

Teams must now go to the Atlantis, The Palm Resort and search the Aquaventure water park for the Leap of Faith.  Teams will have to go down the 6-story water slide through a shark tank and grab their clue at the bottom.  

Brian & Ericka get to the hookahs and get them up pretty quick, but mixed up some parts with each other.  Meanwhile Sam & Dan and Maria & Tiffany decide to do the gold.  The brothers get there and lucky for them, they brought a calculator on the trip.  Yet, they can’t figure “their” exchange rate.  $941.25  to an ounce (at this moment).  You need $500,000 worth.  What’s not to understand?
Again, lucky for them, the girls arrive and immediately know what to do.  They ask for the calculator, the brothers say they have to tell them the answer afterwards.  Of course say the girls so Maria gets to calculating and they get their number.  But just as they finish loading their scale, the exchange rate changes again and they have to recalculate.

Flight Time & Big Easy, still in last, choose the hookahs where Brian & Ericka, Gary & Matt and now Mika & Canaan are still at work on.  Clearly well ahead of them, Meghan & Cheyne head to the slide.  They see the sharks down there, but slide down and get their last clue for the leg telling them to head to Dolphin Baby Beach just in the resort.  They run over there and claim first place.  They each win a personal watercraft.

The Globetrotters arrive and that raises the tension at the hookahs.  Couple that with the heat, and the teams are stressing.  Ericka gets frustrated.  Matt feels woozy.  Mika sweats like she’s never in her life (“I wish I were naked right now!”)

Brian finally figures out they need to match the bases with the hoses and they finally leave.  Noting that Brian & Ericka left two hours before them, the Globetrotters decide to do the other Detour fearing they wouldn’t be able to catch up.  

Maria & Tiffany go down the slide and take 2nd (!!) a huge step up for them.  Sam & Dan are right behind and have a “Baywatch moment” the girls put it when they finish 3rd.  Maria & Tiffany enjoyed the boys in the red shorts running on the beach.  They all group hug in the water.

Brian is scared of heights, Ericka is scared of water, so the Leap of Faith is perfect for them.  They do it and run to the Mat for 4th.  Gary & Matt head out of the Detour and Mika & Canaan finish as well.  The Globetrotters ask if they can borrow a calculator, which they get and begin calculating and loading the scale, but the rate changes again just as they finish.

Gary & Matt slide and finish 5th but on the way there, Mika is starting to feel sick at the thought of heights.  We are treated to a flashback to Vietnam where Canaan tells us Mika is scared of water and to last week when we learned Mika was scared of heights.  She’s got a two for one on this task. 

The Globetrotters finish, give the guy a kiss and they are off. 

Mika, pink floaties all ready on her arms, does not want to go down.  Canaan tries to plead with her, hold her hand, pull her to the slide but she’s not having any of it.  She sits on the slide.  Canaan sees a ray of light.  She wants to back off again, he gets behind her hoping to just slide down together, she yells at him to get away.  They’re running out of time as the Globetrotters have arrive at the Resort and probably minutes away.  

“Why do you hate me?” Mika asks. Canaan says because she’s being a complete moron about a water slide.

The Globetrotters have arrived and are ready to go down.  Now Mika has two minutes since only one team can slide down at a time.  Canaan is trying to encourage Mika and she seems to be calming down but the Globetrotters begin psyching her out.  That’s not cool, Canaan says.  The two minutes are up and the Globetrotters take the slide.


Canaan decides to slide down first, hoping Mika will just follow him down.  She does, but by walking the stairs.  The Globetrotters check in 6th.

Mika & Canaan dejected, walk to the Mat.  Unfortunately for them, this isn’t a non-elimination and they are officially Philiminated from the Race.

This was a crazy leg.  The challenges weren’t particularly that challenging, yet those probably turn out to be the most challenging of all.  The stress and the heat of Dubai probably added pressure to the teams.  

The Gold Detour seemed a lot easier to me, I guess it’s my experience with converting Dollar to Philippine Peso remittances that makes that side of the Detour so easy.  Though I do know some people who would have an eaassyy time putting together a hookah.

The leg structure was strange, but different in a good way I guess.  The departure times were so spread apart and with no equalizers this leg, it could’ve easily been a boring, predictable finish.  But the teams managed to bunch up on their own and it actually turned out very exciting.

Especially with the dramatic finale of course. We’ve never seen anyone have such a breakdown like that ever on the Race.  We’ve had people quit tasks before, but this time was different.  It cost Mika & Canaan the Race (even though I was totally expecting a non-elimination this week.  Maybe next week?).

I hope we get some new twists soon.  Knowing the Race, I’ve been expecting a non-elim the last two weeks.  Let’s hope for a double leg, those are always more fun though.

Leg Six Itinerary
Souk Madinat Jumeirah


Dubai Creek Yacht & Golf Club

Abra Station in Souq quarter of Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm Resort / Aquaventure
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Dolphin Bay Beach
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Leg 6 Departure Times
Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Meghan & Cheyne 8:17am
Brian & Ericka 9:59am
Flight Time & Big Easy 10:42am
Gary & Matt 10:45am
Sam & Dan 11:34am
Maria & Tiffany 11:47am
Mika & Canaan 11:54am

Who Did the Detour?
In order of completion





* Teams who switched from other Detour
did not complete a Detour.

Road Block Count

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did this week’s Road Block
Who’s ready to row, row, row their boat?
2 Meghan Cheyne 3
4 Brian Ericka 2
3 Gary Matt 3
3 Sam Dan 3
2 Maria Tiffany 4
1 Mika Canaan 5
3 Herbert Nathaniel 3
3 Lance Keri 2
2 Zev Justin 2
1 Marcy Ronald 2
1 Garrett Jessica 1
0 Eric Lisa 0

Leg 6 Order of Finish
1st Meghan & Cheyne
2nd Maria & Tiffany
3rd Sam & Dan
4th Brian & Ericka
5th Gary & Matt
6th Flight Time & Big Easy
Philiminated Mika & Canaan

My Team Rankings for Leg 6
Maria & Tiffany Maria & Tiffany – Finally!  They step up their game and actually prove that they know something.  The Detour, which really was pretty simple and probably easier than the hookah if you had a calculator, showed that yes the girls can actually do something.  Great finish for them and they could make a run for the million if they keep up this new momentum going into the next leg.
Brian & Ericka Brian & Ericka -It was a simple enough leg, but maybe that’s what brought on the teams’ biggest frustrations.  Brian & Ericka were definitely one of those teams, Ericka more so. While they didn’t completely crack under pressure like other teams did, the previews showed next week might be the week.  For them, it’s all about keeping their good momentum and not letting little things get in their way.
Gary & Matt Gary & Matt – Another okay leg from them.  It’s great to see them talk about bonding in the Race, but it would be even better if we actually saw them bonding.  TAR hasn’t shown us much from them the last couple of legs.  
Meghan & Cheyne Meghan & Cheyne -  Meghan’s progression has been very interesting.  She’s gone from easy going in the first few legs to the frantic-in-a-second these last two.  They had a comfortable lead from last leg, but if she continues to freak out like that, it could hurt their otherwise, so far near perfect Race.
Sam & Dan Sam & Dan – They depended solely on the girls in this leg.  They would’ve been lost had Maria not given them the answer to the Detour.  Good for them that they are equally contributing, bad though when they will actually have to think for themselves in the future.  
Herbert & Nathaniel Herbert & Nathaniel – They’re lucky Mika is deathly afraid of water and heights, otherwise they’d be easily gone this week.  A stupid slip-up at the Road Block put them behind early and could’ve cost them the Race, had it not been for Mika.  But this was really their first time slipping up badly so hopefully they can rebound (pun intended?) next week.  Great work at the gold Detour though.  Would’ve been even better had it not been a 2nd choice.
Mika & Canaan Mika & Canaan – We probably have never seen a scene on TAR like we did this week with Mika & Canaan on the slide.  Mika’s fears must have been so deathly that she’d rather lose a chance at a million dollars than go down a water slide.  While many people probably would’ve just pushed her down the slide, let’s put ourselves in her pink floaties.  She has to be the first Racer to ever not conquer their fear, especially in a make or break situation.  Disappointing end for them.  I hoped they could do well. Nice people but they had a chance and blew it.
Quotes from Episode 15-06
Ericka: “I start off with makeup and good hair.  By the end of the day, it’s all melted off and it’s a mess, but you gotta start fresh and clean!  You gotta try.”

Sam: “Maybe we’ll have to ride in a yacht, that would be sweet.  Maybe we’ll be in a music video!!”

Ericka: “I don’t know a lot about gold, but I do like to wear it.”

Flight Time: “We stay here long enough, Lance & Keri might show up.”

Ericka: “My American education’s dumbed me down to use a calculator for everything.”

Mika: “Does a Muslim clock work different.”

Ericka: “I’m much better at spending money than counting and keeping it so I just kind of let him do what he’s best at.  I’m sure glad I married up.”  

Ericka: “This man’s got a heart of gold, too bad he doesn’t know how to count it.”

Mika: “I wish I were naked right now!”

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