The Piano Piece from Kings

Everyone’s been wondering what is the title of the piano piece David plays (and Silas hears) in “The Sabbath Queen” episode (and most recently in this week’s “Chapter One” episode) of NBC’s Kings.

But thanks to denners_b at the Kings IMDb message boards (via adivina at the message boards), we now have the title and composer (one of the greats!). The piece is none other than…

The Sick Doll
by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Here is the piece as performed by cubusdk on YouTube:

You can also download the piece on Shohei Urata - Classical Piano Favorites - The Sick Doll by Tchaikovsky

A very beautiful piece of music and what a perfect one for the show right? Even the title fits perfectly.
It’s played a big part on the show, so great to finally have that mystery solved! Credits to those who ID’d the piece! Thank you!

4 thoughts on “The Piano Piece from Kings

  1. I absolutely LOVE Kings!!! I hope NBC continues to make the series… it’s so awesome! Thanks for sharing this piece–it’s so pretty and matches SO well with the KINGS series. 😀

    Long Live KINGS!

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