For Your Emmy Consideration: Friday Night Lights

The ultimate little show that could. A series that was on the verge of cancellation after its first season (and second… and third) is now guaranteed five. It changed the way television dramas are filmed, it changed the traditional network series model, it has inspired and thrilled millions.

Friday Night Lights on NBC. A series that came out of nowhere in 2006 to wow critics and audiences alike. Audiences that actually tuned in, that is. While the show isn’t a huge ratings grabber, for those that have discovered it, it is one of the best.

There is no other show on TV that is as sincere and as down to earth as Friday Night Lights. Realistic and relatable; on the surface, this is a show about a town that lives for Friday night. They root for their hometown high school football team. One night a week, the town is brought together in the stands and on the field for a good ol’ game of football.

But the show is much more deeper than that. Friday Night Lights is more about the people, their lives at home, at work, at school, relationships, family, friendship. They are dealing with real world issues. Real life situations that many of us may encounter in our own lives.

The stories, so simple, yet so deep, engage viewers, make them relate to the series even more.

Friday Night Lights has perfected the use of simple, fleeting moments that have more meaning than long monologues or overdramatic scenes other series may have. A simple look, a hug, can speak volumes in Dillon, and much of that is credited to the incredible ensemble cast.

Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton lead a talented group of people whom you could easily forget are actors. Their performances look so effortless, as if the show is more a documentary than a scripted drama series.

Part of that is the more relaxed set-up where the actors are given more leeway in scenes to freely move, allowing the cast to be move more naturally, helping them give some of the best, most heartfelt, and real performances on television.

With Kyle and Connie, their chemistry is undeniable. Two of the best parents ever on television, one of the best married couples. The heart of the show, they manage to always brings things into perspective through their subtle, yet tour-de-force performances.

The younger cast, all fresh faces when they first started on the show, have grown over three seasons even though they already had much talent when it all began.

Very few drama series on television, especially one that features high school students as central characters, can be so true and down to earth.
High school students working to get to college, a son taking care of his elderly grandmother, a family raising a new baby with both parents working and a teenage daughter… Friday Night Lights is one of those few.

The fact that the series has not been showered with Emmys is baffling. Just one Emmy award in 4 nominations over 2 seasons, despite honors and nominations from the Television Critics Association, Writers Guild, Directors Guild, American Film Institute, and the highly prestigious Peabody Award.

When so many people believe in the series from its fans to critics to DirecTV to NBC’s top execs, isn’t it time for television’s highest award giving body to believe as well?


For your consideration – OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES
And all related categories
Executive producers Brian Grazer, David Nevins, Jason Katims, and Peter Berg

KYLE CHANDLER Outstanding Lead Actor
CONNIE BRITTON Outstanding Supporting Actress
ADRIANNE PALICKI Outstanding Supporting Actress
MINKA KELLY Outstanding Supporting Actor
AIMEE TEEGARDEN Outstanding Supporting Actor
ZACH GILFORD Outstanding Supporting Actor
TAYLOR KITSCH Outstanding Supporting Actor
JESSE PLEMONS Outstanding Supporting Actor
GAIUS CHARLES Outstanding Guest Actor
SCOTT PORTER Outstanding Guest Actor


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