Recap: The Amazing Race 14, Episode 6 – “… shake their hips for tips.”

Episode 14.06: Alright Guys, We’re At War!

Emotional Arrival
The 6th leg of the Race begins with Margie & Luke opening the clue telling them to fly to Jaipur, India.  Once there, after connecting through Moscow and New Delhi, teams will then take a taxi to the outskirts of Dhula Village and find the sacred tree Peepli Ka Pedh where they will find their next clue. 

Luke’s not too happy (sticks his tongue out and does a “It’s smelly” gesture).  Margie says it wasn’t on the top of their list, but it’ll be different.
Victor says he’s always played the elder brother role, especially in an Asian family, and the Race has helped him be more extroverted.

Mel just wants to get through the Race.  And Mark & Michael provide more unintentional (and intentional) comedy when they go in different directions looking for a taxi.
Jen & Kisha are happy to be working better together these days. 

Jodi & Christie, leave the Pit Stop an hour and a half after the rest of the teams. Jodi says she keeps her daughter’s name on her bracelet because she’s lucky and they need some luck right now in the Race.

The teams all make it on the same flight from New Delhi to Jaipur.  Tammy & Victor head out first with the cab driver Baboo.  Christie & Jodi are close behind in 2nd, but stop when they need to get gas.

Mel & Mike get in a cab, but the driver doesn’t know where to go so he runs out and asks.  They’d rather get a new cab than wait, but they can’t get their bags out of the trunk.  When the driver comes back with the directions they start off with a frantic Mel telling the driver to hurry and catch up.  He feels about yelling at him though.
Now as always when the Race gets to a poorer country, we have our Racers reflect and take pity.  No different here as Jaime gets emotional after seeing the goats and cows in the street with no food. Luke gets very, very emotional with what he sees.  Margie says they just saw kids eating garbage.

Hello?  Can You Hear Your Clue Now?
After commercial, Tammy & Victor arrive at Peepli Ka Pedh.  They search for the clue, but immediately notice telephones.  They see that they have to call one of four numbers for their next clue.

They pick up the phone and someone on the other end tells them where to go next, but they can’t understand his accent so they get Baboo to listen to it.
The person tells them to travel to Amber Fort and find the Gaura Parvati Parking next to it.

As Tammy & Victor drive off, they cross paths with the other teams, “a caravan of fools.”  The rest of the teams, minus Christie & Jodi begin searching for the clue with no idea that it could be the phone.

They look under rocks, up in the branches… Jaime gets a response from a goat when she looks in back of the tree.Soon, they notice the phones and receive the clue, they have no idea what it says, but they run with it anyway.  It seems only Mel & Mike know what they heard.  

They all head off into their caravan again and they cross paths with Christie & Jodi.  They get their clue, understanding it and try to catch up.

Meanwhile, Tammy & Victor are at Amber Fort and they get the next clue, a Road Block.
In this Road Block, teams will have to perform tasks to provide food and water to a group of camels.  Using traditional tools, they must fill a trough with water until it spills out of a hole on the side and bring over enough hay to pile it up to a ribbon on a stick.

Victor decides to do it and starts off using the water pail instead of the rake and basket to transfer the food.  Tammy asks if he’s doing the right thing and realizes his mistake.He uses the right tools and ends up with a flurry of hay into his face as the other teams are a ways away, each of the cabs passing each other on the narrow roads.

Camels Keep Racers on Their Toes
Tammy relates how their dad would be proud to see Victor shoveling camel feed since he feels both of them have lived a privileged life.  Victor says something, Tammy doesn’t catch it, but he was actually talking to the camels.

The other teams then arrive and they get to the task.  Kisha, Jaime, Mel, Mark, and Margie decide to do the Road Block. 

The teams are a little confused at first.  Jaime asks the guy with the camels what to do, then if he understands English, and concludes with “You annoy me.”  “That’s my Jaime” calls out Cara.

Mark meanwhile does some Xena call out to the locals sitting nearby.  They don’t seem amused.

Margie says the water is so heavy, but Mel seems to be having an even harder time with the task.  Mike wonders if they did they right thing, but it was Mel’s turn to do a Road Block (I guess the 6 Road Block limit still applies?)

We see a man slapping a camel’s but getting it to stand up as Victor finally fishes.  He calls Tammy to come down to read the clue with him.  Suddenly, the camel decides to kick the man to the ground just as Tammy trips and flies to the ground herself.

She’s fine and they find they now have to make their way to Johri Bazar and find a Rajasthani puppet store at shop number 131 for their next clue.
They head off just as Christie & Jodi arrive.  Jodi closes the taxi door on Christie before she can come out.  They head for the camels.
Mark welcomes Jodi to the party.

Mel continues to struggle as the other teams finish the water and head for the feed.  They use their buckets (and in some cases shirts and bodies) to transport the feed back to the camels not seeing the baskets and shovel.
Mel, however, realizes you have to use the native tools and gets to using the baskets, which is much easier.

After seeing an elephant on the way, Tammy & Victor arrive at their next clue and find the Detour.
In this Detour, teams have to choose between Movers and Shakers.
In Movers, teams make their way to Sanganeri Gate where they will find cycle rickshaws loaded with barrels of hay.  They must then pedal the rickshaws to Zorawar Singh Gate, unload the barrels and search through them to find a small metal elephant which they can exchange for their next clue.
In Shakers, teams head to a nearby busy intersection where they will put on costumes and makeup and join a Rajasthani band and “shake their hips for tips” (as Phil says).  When they have earned 100 rupees, they can get their next clue.

Hips for TipsTammy & Victor put on their camel costumes and makeup and dance in the streets, quickly earning the money, while having fun too (and breaking the stereotypes of lawyers around the world)

Back at the camels, Mel is making up a lot of time while the other teams continue to schlep through with the pails until they see what they’re doing wrong.  But it’s too late as Mel finishes first out of the group and they head off.

One by one the teams finish, all of them within minutes of each other.   

With the other teams still far behind, Tammy & Victor finish, get their next clue and learn it’s the Pit Stop, Jaigur Fort.  They head over and finish 1st, each winning an ocean kayak. Victor says they’ve recovered quite nicely from their disaster two legs ago.

As the other teams get to the next clue. They all choose the Shakers, except for Mel & Mike who decide to do the rickshaws.

The teams get to dancing, with the mix of sounds from the car horns and the music.  But *silence* Luke talks about his “broken” ears and how he has to use his eyes more.

Christie & Jodi arrive as well, but they find the Speed Bump.  For their Speed Bump, they have to make their way to Kalahanuman Temple and paint an elephant for an upcoming festival.  When they finish, they can go back and continue on the Race.

As they do the Speed Bump, we get a teary eyed Christie remembering her daughter and hoping she knows she can do anything after what her mother has done on the Race.  It almost feels like their farewell message.  (Foreshadowing? Or poor editing from TAR (which is rare)?  Maybe both. Hmph.)

At the dancing, Mel & Mike finish and head to the Pit Stop, but not after they are amused by Margie with lipstick all over her lips.

Margie & Luke and Jaime & Cara finish as well, but Jaime & Cara can not find their taxi driver.  He comes up to them laughing and they head off, with Jen & Kisha right behind them.

Close Finish
The sisters see Christie & Jodi just arriving at the Detour and later see the brothers Mark & Michael doing the other Detour, which they have trouble with.

At the Pit Stop, Mel & Mike finish 2nd.  Mel says Mike being proud of him is his prize in the Race. 

The other three teams arrive seconds apart with Kisha & Jen outrunning Margie & Luke for 3rd.  Jaime & Cara take 5th.

Now it’s down to two teams.  Christie & Jodi quickly get all their money and they are in 6th as they head to the Pit Stop.  Meanwhile, Mark & Michael search through the hay until they finally find the elephant.

Both teams head to the Pit Stop, neck and neck, with the brothers coming out on top to take 6th.  Phil points out they cut it close with Christie & Jodi right behind them, coming up the stairs.

Unfortunately, the flight attendants couldn’t recover and finish last and are eliminated.
Phil asks them what they took from the Race.  Christie says it came at the right time because she was about to start a family and wanted to do something for herself first.  Jodi wanted to prove to herself and her daughter that she could do this.
They are teary and Phil tells them they can hug.

While this India leg might not have been as epic as past incredible India legs, it was still very enjoyable.  It is always great to see the teams engage themselves in local culture, especially in ones as engrossing as India.

I wish the camels had more screentime, though the kicking camel was pretty epic in and of itself.

Sucks that Christie & Jodi could’ve been saved had it not been for their taxi, but that’s how the Race goes.

Next week looks to be very dramatic with Margie & Luke!  Stay tuned!

Leg Six Itinerary
Novosibirsk Ballet and Opera Theatre
Novosibirsk , Siberia, Russia

Moscow, Russia
New Delhi, India

Jaipur, India

Peepli Ka Pedh, Duhla Village

Gaura Parvati Parking
Amber Fort

Rajasthani puppet store at shop number 131Johri Bazar, Jaipur

Kalahanuman Temple
Jaipur, India

Jaigur Fort
Jaipur, India

Departure Times
Braşov, Romania
Margie & Luke 12:18am
Tammy & Victor 12:24am
Jaime & Cara 12:30am
Mel & Mike 1:01am
Mark & Michael 1:02am
Kisha & Jen 1:28am
Christie & Jodi 3:09am

Who Did the Detour?



Road Block Count

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did this week’s Road Block
Be Maraha’s Caregiver
3 Tammy Victor 3
3 Mel Mike 3
3 Luke Margie 3
3 Cara Jaime 3
4 Kisha Jen 2
4 Mark Michael 2
3 Christie Jodi 3
1 Amanda Kris 3
0 Brad Victoria 3
1 Linda Steve 1
1 Preston Jennifer 0

Order of Finish
Tammy & Victor 1st
Mel & Mike 2nd
Kisha & Jen 3rd
Margie & Luke 4th
Jaime & Cara 5th
Mark & Michael 6th
Jodi & Christie Philiminated

My Team Rankings for Leg 6

Tammy & Victor Tammy & Victor – They have definitely recovered from their horrible leg in Transylvania.  And they have their 2nd first place win, like Margie &  Luke.  They can keep it up and go all the way as long as they stay cohesive.font>
Mel & Mike Mel & Mike – Mel seems to be pretty awesome.  He’s funny, he loves his son, and he can power through any task with muscle but even more with his brain.  They have a shot at going far as well, having been in the top half of the teams for most of the Race.
Christie & Jodi Christie & Jodi – They were able to make up for their horrible start.  They managed to Race well to being able to keep up with the pack, but just one mistake in a leg (last week) can do a team in and that mistake pushed over into this leg, in addition to them being unlucky with their cab, putting them in the back from the start.  They managed to catch up with Mark & Michael, but it wasn’t enough.  They definitely proven themselves however, and they have a lot to be proud of. 
Cara & Jaime Cara & Jaime – Everyone’s been talking about Jaime being crazy and all that, but I didn’t see it… until this week.  She seems to get very annoyed by non-English speakers, but you also go to see her fiery side.  Which is okay, but it could hurt them more than help in the future. 
Lakisha & Jennifer Kisha & Jen – They are pushing forward and they too seem to have gotten over their early stumbles and tension. 
Mark & Michael Mark & Michael – Not a good leg for them.  They were just all over the place.  And they’ve had some slip ups in the past too.  It is those little mistakes that can cost a team the Race, so they need to work on that.
Margie & Luke Margie & Luke -They are also pushing forward and managing to keep up with the pack.  Next week seems to be very dramatic, so we’ll see what happens.
Quotes from Episode 14.06
Mark: “We have three teams of girls that are all almost six feet tall.  And here we are, we stand on each other’s shoulders, we’re not six feet tall.”

Mark: “Maybe we’ll get a dot on our forehead while we’re there.”

Mel: “Would you fly on an airline that’s said ‘Kacca’?” [sic]

Christie: “If I lived here, I’d give the rockinest horn you’ve ever heard.”

Mel: “This race certainly isn’t important enough to dehumanize somebody else by yelling and screaming at them.  So I’m going to feel about it the rest of the day.”

Mark: “Hey! Welcome to the party!”
Jodi: “Thanks.  Looks like a good time.”

Phil: “… shake their hips for tips.”

Mel: “I have hay fever.”

Jaime: “I have hay all down my chest and my boobies.  I used my boobies to transport the hay.”

Jodi: “I hope I don’t look like this when I do my makeup.”

Jodi: “When it comes down to it, the experience is priceless.  You couldn’t pay a million dollars and have the same experience.”

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