The Amazing Race 13’s Toni & Dallas Explain What Happened

Toni & Dallas Explain What Happened
By LJDB, December 3, 2008

In an interview with Toni and Dallas Imbimbo, the mother and son team from the 13th season of The Amazing Race revealed just what happened to get them eliminated in Moscow, Russia.

On last Sunday’s episode, Dallas, who was in the middle of completing a Road Block, had left his Race pack in a taxi cab which drove off with the money and passport inside. 

Dallas revealed what exactly happened, “I was in the cab for about an hour. The driver didn’t know where he was going. I said, “I need a new taxi.” So, as I was getting out to do the microphone change [the Amazing Race staff] undid my fanny pack with all my stuff in it because they had to get to the microphone. When I got out of the first taxi, it wasn’t attached to me anymore. I hopped into a new taxi, took that to where I needed to be and then went to pay. I didn’t have any money. That’s when I realized I’d left it in the previous taxi.”

Dallas then took that 2nd taxi to a hotel and used the concierge to take a 3rd taxi to the apartment complex.  He had the concierge tell the 3rd taxi he would pay later, hoping to get some money from the other teams, but production eventually paid for it.

Dallas and Toni then decided to go “rogue” and take any penalty that might be assessed when they chose to take the metro instead of a more expensive taxi.  Unfortunately, the lady with the shetland pony would not give them their clue without having taken a taxi.  So they had to make their way back.  Cameras were not allowed on the metro after 3pm and it was 3:15, so they had to walk the whole way back which took two hours.

And then of course, Phil had to come to them on the race course as darkness was falling, they say most likely to prevent them from begging any more, especially as the evening set in.

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