Recap: The Amazing Race 13, Episode 7 – “I’m not going to watch us kill the happy family.”


The Leg
The teams get to leave during the day this leg and they stay in India as their first clue tells them to make their way to the Deshbandhu Apartment Complex where they will find their next clue at the complex’s central park. 

Nick & Starr worry their early dominance puts a target on their back, but they say they will do anything to win regardless of how the other teams might feel about them, and that includes telling “little white lies.”

Kelly & Christy are happy they are moving up in the rankings, while Toni is happy about learning more and more about her son Dallas every day.  Terence & Sarah say running the race with a romantic partner makes the Race more complex, but they feel like they’ve been working better at focusing as the Race progresses.

Dandrew says they both have “awesome strengths” but at opposite sides of the spectrum, and they hope they’ll have a task where they can use both and do well at.  Ken & Tina realize their problems, but they say they will overcome their challenges.

Nick & Starr arrive at the clue and find the Road Block.

Who’s ready for a colorful experience?
In this Road Block, teams must take part in a traditional Indian celebration known as the Holi Festival.  Team members must make their way up three ladders and search through hundreds of envelopes marked “Try Again” for one of only six marked “The Amazing Race” which will contain their next clue.  While in the middle of the plaza though, the locals will be pelting each other and the Racers with colored dye and water in the festival’s tradition.

Starr heads into the plaza and up the ladder as the locals begin pelting her with the dye.  She finds the clue and runs back to Nick.  The clue tells them to head to Charity Birds Hospital, which caters to injured birds, where they must search for their clue in one of the cages.
The siblings get a move on, but not before Nick gets his own pelting of color making him look much more colorful than Starr who actually did the Road Block.

Meanwhile, Kelly & Christy’s taxi driver does not know where to go allowing Toni & Dallas to reach the Road Block in 2nd.
Dallas decides to do the Road Block and as soon as he runs into the plaza they go at him. Toni moves away form the revelers while she loses her son in a cloud of pink dust and smoke.  He finds the clue fast and they are on their way.

The divorcees arrive at the Road Block and they decide not to have their taxi wait since he didn’t know how to get there in the first place.  Kelly decides to do the Road Block and the locals have at her as soon as she enters the plaza.  She runs back to her partner at the gate needing water after the paint goes into her mouth.  Not even a minute into the Road Block, Kelly is already completely covered.

And as we’ve seen many times in the past, the divorcees either do not read the clue at all or they simply misread it as they think they must only pull one clue at a time and bring it back to their partner to see if it is the right one.  Kelly goes back in  now with a cap and a scarf over her mouth.

Terence & Sarah come running in, and Terence decides on doing the Road Block.  Once he finds the clue, he runs to Sarah, pushing anyone who’s in his way.  (Very polite yeah?)Terence vividly describes how he feels with paint in his nose and mouth to a “I’d rather not hear or see it” Sarah.

Meanwhile, Dandrew arrive next and head into the sea of paint.  Dan does the Road Block and they move past the divorcees.
A frustrated Kelly heads back in, trips and falls, she says she’ll “seriously die” but they eventually read their clue correctly and she finds it, but not before they both get more colorful dye thrown at them.

Ken & Tina finally arrive at the sea of paint and dye and water and Ken braves it all to do the Road Block.  Tina gets some color as well and is not happy about it.

Kelly & Christy, who let their taxi go, struggle to find another taxi or an auto rickshaw to take them, but no despite grabbing onto the tuk tuks or offering lots of money, no one seems to want to take these weird, colorful ladies into their vehicles.

They finally find a taxi as Ken & Tina finish the Road Block as well and all six teams are on their way to the Bird Hospital in Old Delhi.

Nick & Starr arrive first at the hospital and they pass the Speed Bump waiting for Ken & Tina.  Inside, after taking off their shoes and socks as custom, they search the cages for their next clue… a Detour.

In this Detour, teams have to choose between two professions seen in the streets of India, Bleary Eyed or Teary Eyed.

In Bleary Eyed, teams will head to a street corner at Nai Sarak where they will help the department of power by looking up at the power lines from street level and keeping track of the numbers on small tags that sporadically appear along the power lines.  They must then find the man at a sewing machine who will verify their numbers and then direct them to a shop, New India Stationers, where they will plug in a musical Ganesha to receive their next clue.
In Teary Eyed, teams make their way to a spice market, find a marked stall at Ram Bhandar and pick up two 40lb bags of dried chili and deliver them on foot to Sharwan Kumar & Son.  There, they will use a mortar and pestle to grind enough chili to fill a container up to a designated line.  Once completed, they’ll receive their next clue.

Nick & Starr choose Bleary Eyed and head to the street corner.  Meanwhile, Toni & Dallas meet some kids who guide them to the Hospital and then to the street corner.  Toni expresses how proud she is of her son, especially after seeing him enjoying running with the kids to the Detour.

Terence tries to pour water in his nose as they arrive at the hospital.  Terence things the clue is underneath the seeds of the birds in the larger cage/cells and he closes the door as Sarah enters.  She puts her hands in the tray, careful not to disturb the bird minding its own business in the tray and politely asks it to move.  She then picks the tray up, with the bird still firmly stuck in the tray with no clue to be found.  They eventually find the clue around the corner in a small cage.

Dandrew arrive next in 4th and head to the streetcorner.  Meanwhile, Kelly & Christy decide it’d be fun to scare people in the street with how they look so they scream and growl their way to the hospital with the taxi driver unsure of what is happening in his taxi.


Ken & Tina, making up time, arrive at their Speed Bump.
In this Speed Bump, they must make their way to a Sikh temple and volunteer to serve holy water to the patrons of the temple.  They must serve the people until there are no more wanting water at which point they can resume the Race.

Kelly & Christy bring up the rear.

At the power lines, Nick & Starr have no idea what they’re looking for as they walk down the street.  When they see the small tags, they go back to retrace their steps and they see Toni & Dallas.  They try to pretend they have no clue what to do, but they both find the first number at the same time and they decide to just form a temporary alliance to complete the hard Detour.

Terence & Sarah meanwhile arrive at the Teary Eyed Detour and they lug the sacks to the next destination.  On the Road, Kelly & Christy get an unsolicited guided tour from their tricycle driver; “Bank of India, built by British 1857… American McDonalds…”
But they just want to make it to the next clue.

At the Speed Bump, Ken & Tina have a fun time with the people.  Tina learns some words while Ken pretends he’s selling hotdogs at the ballpark. Tina has to remind him it was holy water.  After they’ve served all they can, they head back to the Hospital, but the traffic is a mess.  They get out of the taxi and themselves guide their taxi through the street by making way and waving off rickshaws and motorcycles. 

Meanwhile, Terence & Sarah get started with the very hot chili crushing as Nick & Starr and Toni & Dallas finish the Detour and head to the Pit Stop, Humayun’s Tomb.

Toni & Dallas are on the road first, but the traffic mess slows them down as Nick & Starr find a break in the traffic and take the lead all the way to the Pit Stop where they finish 1st.  Phil has to call the greeter over though who is busy watering the grass, and after welcoming them to the Mat are told they’ve won a trip to Hawaii.

Toni & Dallas arrive 2nd, maintaining their strong showing from the last few legs.  

Back at the Detours, Terence & Sarah struggle through the chili as the shopkeeper isn’t letting them off that easy. 
Dandrew and Kelly & Christy arrive at the power lines and instead of the small tags on the power lines, they write down the numbers on the storefronts instead.  When they bring their numbers to the man at the sewing machine, he gives them the thumbs down.  He even throws Dandrew’s notebook to the table just to show how tough he is.

Ken & Tina arrive at the Detour and are right behind the two befuddled teams.  They know what to look for and breeze through the streets.
An utterly confused Dandrew ask a worried Kelly & Christy if they want to work together, but they say no.

Terence & Sarah, meanwhile, finish their peppers and head to the Pit Stop to finish a strong 3rd.

Kelly & Christy finally look up to the power lines while Ken & Tina await the verdict on their numbers.  The man pushes Tina aside, but then gives them a huge grin as they finish the Detour.On their way back to their taxi, they help Dandrew finally find the tags by pointing one out.  Ken & Tina hope the good karma will come back for them in the future.

Dandrew and Kelly & Christy finally finish the Detour and they both head to the Pit Stop.

Ken & Tina arrive 4th, overcoming their Speed Bump with the help of the other teams’ mistakes.

Dandrew finish 5th and Kelly & Christy arrive last with their mistakes and not reading clues finally catch up to them and are eliminated. 
They are sad to be eliminated, but they are happy that the Race has shown them that they are best friends and that even after their divorces, they know that they have big things in store for them in the future.

This was an Emmy-worthy ep if I ever saw one.  Best episode of the season so far, lots of action and drama, plenty of hilarity, well-planned leg, great tasks… it had all the things that make TAR awesome. 

The teams are fighting to the end, and the strong teams are separating themselves from the ones who are begging to be Philiminated next.  

The competition is only going to get more heated from here on out, proven by the preview for next week.

This week’s Pit Stop greeter was fun… I guess he was tired of waiting and decided he had  more productive alternatives for his time than waiting with Phil at the mat.

And those Detour guys, especially the sewing machine guy were definitely hamming it up for the camera, yeah?  The Road Block looked like loads of fun (really!) until you get dye and paint in every orifice on your head.

I think this season has made it official official… India is the best destination TAR could ever go to.  Every single India leg in the past has been classic, the country never ceases to produce awesome legs.  There’s a little magic in India for TAR and I know many wouldn’t mind having India appear in every Race.  (Or at least every other.)


         LEG SEVEN


Baha’i House
Delhi, India

Deshbandhu Apartments
Kalkaji, New Dehli, India

Charity Birds Hospital
Old Delhi, India
New India Stationers
Nai Sarak, Delhi, India
Ram Bhandar and Sharwan Kumar & Son
Delhi, India

Sikh Temple
Delhi, India

Humayun’s Tomb
Delhi, India

Baha’i House
Delhi, India

Nick & Starr 8:55am
Kelly & Christy 9:02am
Toni & Dallas 9:10am
Terence & Sarah 9:31am
Andrew & Dan 9:44am
Ken & Tina 9:51am



(as of Leg 7, in order of completion)
Who’s ready for a colorful experience?

1 AJA TY 3

italic indicates who did Road Block this week

(in order of my rankings for the week)
Toni & Dallas Toni & Dallas… Well, no sign of romancing this week, which was good I must say.  Instead we got more proud mom moments as Dallas looked like he was genuinely having fun with the local kids who helped them find their way around the busy streets.  Not only do they continue to keep up the sweet mother-son bonding moments, they are also staying strong Race-wise.  
Ken & Tina Ken & Tina… Like in one of the earlier legs, there are times when I want to root for them and some times when I kind of scruch my face in confusion over how to feel about them.  They were very nice to Dandrew, and good karma is always a good thing on the Race.  But the few times either of them gets too intense or pushy or I don’t know… I do know that they really are good Racers and deserve to be in there.  Their good finish this week should serve as a boost for their morale in the Race.
Nick & Starr Nick & Starr…  They’re positioned to be the team to beat.  Their heads are in the competition (except for the flirting last leg), they are intense, they don’t make major mistakes, they get along well with each other, they know how to work the other teams… they could go all the way, no question. 
Terence & Sarah Terence & Sarah… They started out as annoying… then became a funny fun couple… then back to a little annoying… then fit into the dysfunctional couple mold… and this leg, hilarity ensued.  Strange personality swings, yeah?  But in this leg, they did provide for some hilarious moments and that is what I want to see from them.  A fun, though slightly dysfunctional couple, that Races well.
Andrew & Dan Andrew & Dan… The clock is ticking for these guys.  They can’t seem to step it up in the Race.  If they continue at the pace they’re in (and the preview, though never an accurate foreshadow, show that they run into some team dynamics trouble), they’ll be the next eliminated for sure barring another team making a huge mistake. They have been lucky so far thsi Race in escaping elimination, but as the teams get ready for the 2nd half of the route, the Race is getting more intense and either they step it up or they’re going to Elimination Station. 
Kelly & Christy Kelly & Christy… Well, their huge problem that’s plagued them 5 out of 6 legs previous finally did them in this 7th leg.  Reading clues never became so important until Kelly & Christy managed to misread their clues or just not plain read them at all in almost every leg this Race, causing to unnecessarily fall behind when they could’ve been one of the leading teams throughout.  Making such simple mistakes, it’s a wonder how they made it as far as they did.  They had personalities that were amusing at times, but annoying at others.  And you can’t help but be dumbfounded by their misreading of clues.  So, best of luck to them in the future, they did prove that they can do anything… or almost anything.
Quotes from Episode 13-07
Phil: “Along the way, Starr took a shining to Dallas.”

Terence: “I’m not going to watch us kill the happy family.”

Christy: “If you had to make out with Dan or Andrew, who would you make out with?”
Kelly: “Oh man!  Maybe Andrew, cuz he’s like different, with the big fro!”
*giggle* *giggle*
Christy: “Since you’re doing… uh, making out with Andrew, I’d have to make out with Dan.  He might get up from the kiss and start pacing.”
*giggle* *giggle*

Terence: “Who’s my girl?”
Sarah: “You are!”
Sarah: “No, I am!  I am, babe!”
Terence: “You’re my girl.”
Sarah: “Awesome.  You go all the way up there and you get that clue babe, I LOVE YOU!”

Dan: “The Road Block was like a wild rave party.  Except there weren’t any hot blonde girls walking around, it was a sausage fest of guys with paint.  It’s like the girls never showed up.”

Nick: “I don’t know what the birds were doing in all those cages.  I don’t even know if it was a bird hospital or if it’s a hospital for people and the birds are therapeutic.  But I did get nervous walking around barefoot, I felt like I was possibly walking along bird droppings.”

Terence: “These birds are really messed up babe.”
Sarah: “I know cuz it’s a bird hospital.”

Dallas: “Can you walk in front of me?”
Toni: “Yeah so I can get hit by that motorcycle?!”

Sarah: “I feel like I’m carrying my own weight on my shoulders.”

Tricycle Driver: “Bank of India, built by British 1857.”
Kelly: *nods* “It’s been there a while.”
Tricycle Driver: “… American McDonalds…”
Kelly: “Okay, thank you.”
Tricycle Driver: “Central Baptist Church.”
Christy: “Okay, but hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.”
Tricycle Driver: “I’m behind him.”
Christy: “Yeah, I know… tell him to hurry.”
Kelly: “He’s telling us the landmarks.”


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