Recap: The Amazing Race 13, Episode 5 – “It’s hotter than Satan’s toenail up in here!”


The Leg

With apparently nothing interesting at this week’s Pit Stop, the teams immediately set off for their next destination, Siem Reap, Cambodia.  There, they’ll make their way to a roadside gas pumping station for their next clue.

Kent & Tina are off first and Terence & Sarah 2 hours later.  On the way to the airport, they are pulled over when Terence goes 117 km/hr in the 100 km/hr zone.  Kelly & Christy leave the Pit Stop saying they are both very intelligent but have been “caught up” with going really fast, preventing them from being in the front of the pack.  

At the airport, Ken & Tina find a flight that leaves at 12:25pm for Singapore where they’ll catch a connecting flight to Siem Reap.  They worry Terence & Sarah will catch up.  They get to the airport and just make it on the same flight.

Toni & Dallas leave the Pit Stop as Toni tells us she’s got to race smarter, use her head to keep up with the youngins.  Next, we find out Starr doesn’t have a broken arm, but it still hurts though she won’t let it get in the way.

Kelly & Christy and Toni & Dallas are at the travel agent and while the divorcees dub the mother and son as Teen Wolf and Motherwolf, they get onto a flight leaving at 4:55pm.  Nick & Starr make it on the flight as well.

Andrew & Dan arrive at the airport as the 3 teams board.  Dan starts dancing, but the agents tell them they can not make the flight.  They run over to the Emirates Air counter who are able to work magic for the Frat Boys who do make it after all.
Aja & Ty, who leave the Pit Stop NINE hours after Ken & Tina, don’t make it and take another flight and hope to catch up.
In Singapore, Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah are waiting for their connecting flight when they are surprised to see other 3 teams getting on the same flight to Cambodia as them.

The six teams finally arrive in Cambodia and grab taxis to the fueling station.  

While Toni & Dallas and Kelly & Christy are taken to the wrong places, Nick & Starr arrive first at the clue box.  Their first task is to use a hand pump to pump 25 liters of fuel from a barrel and fill a truck.

The siblings finish quickly and are told they must now jump into their truck and have the driver take them to Siem Reap Harbor on Tonle Sap, the largest lake in Southeast Asia, where they will take a marked boat to a floating restaurant, Kho Andeth, for their next clue.

As Nick & Starr take off, Toni & Dallas are a close 2nd with Terence & Sarah and Ken & Tina on their heels.  Andrew & Dan though have no clue how to pump out the fuel and even after they stare at the others’ doing the task, are left behind at the station. 
Kelly & Christy pass them and leave. 

Meanwhile Aja & Ty finally arrive in Cambodia and back on the road Starr is worried they are going the wrong way and tells the driver to stop so she can ask for directions.
The rest of the teams do a little maneuvering with their driver passing each other on the road.  Terence & Sarah pass Ken & Tina and then Toni & Dallas to move into 2nd.  Ken & Tina do the same to the mother & son moving into 3rd.  By this time, all three teams catch and pass Nick & Starr who are stopped on the side of the road and the four teams rush to the harbor.

The teams remain neck and neck in the water.  Terence & Sarah head out first, with Nick & Starr and Toni & Dallas passing a slow Ken & Tina.  

Aja & Ty finish up at the station as Kelly & Christy have their enlightened moment of the Race as they set out into the harbor, seeing the “amazing” “work ethic” of the people and the children playing in the water.  Andrew & Dan are right behind.

Kho Andeth within reach, Terence & Sarah’s boat begins to smoke until it comes to an absolute halt.  Terence takes a stick to row them to the floating restaurant.  This allows Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas, and Ken & Tina to pass them. 

The teams find the clue atop the restaurant and it turns out to be a Detour, Village Life or Village Work.
In Village Life, teams use their boats and must collect three different items from three different locations in the floating village; a set of teeth from the dentist, a doll from the tailor, and a basketball from a floating court which they’ll take after each making a basket.  They’ll take their items to the man at the dock for their next clue.
In Village Work, teams take their boat to a fishing ground set in waist deep water where they must search among fish traps for two that are filled, which they will then take with them to  the dock, fill a basket with the fish and obtain their next clue.

Nick & Starr and Toni & Dallas choose Village Work, while Ken & Tina take Village Life.
Terence & Sarah float to the restaurant, but their boat is still having trouble.  Aja & Ty arrive at the harbor and are in the water.

As Nick & Starr and Toni & Dallas wade through the water for their traps, Ken & Tina jump from location to location, getting the doll, the chattering teeth and finally arriving at the basketball court.  Terence & Sarah get there as well, and figure since they’re there already, choose to do Village Life.

Kelly & Christy arrive at the basketball court too and start playing… but they never got their clue at Kho Andeth, so they head back meeting Andrew & Dan who are on their way to the Detour.Both decide on Village Life.

Nick & Starr deliver their fish and get their next clue telling them to take a tuktuk to Angkor Wat for their next clue.
Ken & Tina finish 2nd, followed by Toni & Dallas.
Aja & Ty arrive at Kho Andeth and choose Village Work.
At the dentist, Kelly & Christy are horrified when they think they must take the sitting patient’s teeth but see the chatterers and move on.

At Angkor Wat, they find the Road Block. 
In this Road Block, teams must explore “the largest religious structure in the world.”  Searching the immense grounds, teams must find a room called Prassat Kok Troung, also known as the Chamber of Echoes where they must stand at a specific spot, pound their chest to make the sound echo through the chamber, and take a relief sculpture that has their next clue.

Nick, Tina, Dallas, and Terence make their way into Angkor Wat with no idea where to go.  Nick finds the room first, tucks the clue under his shirt as he lets Tina and Terence think he hasn’t found it yet, and he and Starr are off to the Pit Stop first, Bayon Temple, a 12th century Buddhist temple where Phil and mat are somewhere on the grounds.

Meanwhile, back on the road Kelly & Christy say they have to come in first so the others recognize that they are a force to be reckoned with and have them be “scurred” of what they can do.  Andrew & Dan are right behind, and Aja & Ty keep up hope.

At Angkor Wat, Dallas and Terence find the clue, while Tina walks in and out of the chamber without seeing the clue.
Christy gets help finding the clue as Tina finally sees it, and they are both off to the Pit Stop as well.

At Bayon Temple, Nick & Starr arrive 1st and win a trip to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, their 2nd first place finish making them and Ken & Tina the only teams to place 1st through the first 5 legs of the Race. Toni & Dallas move up to 2nd as Terence & Sarah finish 3rd (with a 30 minute penalty for their speeding ticket, though it didn’t put them in danger of being Philiminated).
Ken & Tina drop down to 4th with Kelly & Christy shocked by finishing 5th.

Back at Angkor Wat, Andrew finds the clue while we are led to believe Aja & Ty are still in it with Ty finishing the Road Block.

But, as if it wasn’t obvious throughout the leg, Andrew & Dan finish 6th as Aja & Ty are Philiminated, unable to overcome them being so far behind.

This was a pretty amazing leg.  Cambodia was beautiful and it was nonstop action, again.

While it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Aja & Ty couldn’t overcome them being behind, it was still an exciting leg.

Having almost all the teams racing neck and neck throughout the leg is awesome, and I don’t remember the last time we’ve have multiple, consecutive legs where all the teams were right there in heated competition.

The departure times are amazing though.  Almost an hour between each of the teams, and then of course that 9 hour difference between 1st place Ken & Tina and last place Aja & Ty.  
The tasks were pretty simple, but highlighted Cambodia very well.  And no matter how simple, it doesn’t mean teams will just breeze through them, as we saw several times in the leg.

The Teams worked well this leg, and also for the first time this Race, none of them got on my nerves, which is always a good thing.

The fast-paced action also highlighted the excellent TAR editors (who really deserve all the Emmys they can get).  

All in all, an awesome leg, the best so far this season.  


         LEG FIVE

Te Puke, New Zealand


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Fueling Station, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Siem Reap Harbor, Tonlé Sap, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Kho Andeth, Tonlé Sap, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Floating Village of Tonlé Sap, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Bayon Temple
Angkor, Cambodia

Te Puke, New Zealand
Ken & Tina 6:03am
Terence & Sarah 8:19am
Kelly & Christy 9:32am
Toni & Dallas 10:15am
Nick & Starr 11:34am
Andrew & Dan 12:44am
Aja & Ty 3:04pm



(as of Leg 5, in order of completion)
1 AJA TY 3

italic indicates who did Road Block this week

(in order of my rankings for the week)
Toni & Dallas Toni & Dallas… They’re closer to 1st as long as they keep it up.  They could go far if Mom insists on using her brains and son takes advantage of his brawn.  Perfect combination right?  
Ken & Tina Ken & Tina They dropped down to 4th this week, but still had a good leg considering they were all neck and neck.  They’re still proving themselves worthy to be in the top half and they barring any major mistakes, they have a good shot at final 3.
Kelly & Christy Kelly & Christy… You have to admire their determination, but again, making simple little mistakes could cost them the entire race especially if it continues to be close.  I guess no next chapter to the flying sports bra drama this week, which actually might be a good thing.
Aja & Ty Aja & Ty… Well, just as they seemed to be back on track, their bad last leg carries over and ultimately gets them eliminated.  They had a good leg despite their disadvantage at the start.  But best of luck to them, their relationship can only get stronger from here.
Nick & Starr Nick & Starr  This leg, they showed their intensity and determination without showing their cattiness or being annoying.  A step in the right direction I must say.   
Terence & Sarah Terence & Sarah… Some bad luck for them this leg, but despite that still managed 3rd.  Again, another thing that amazes me… them being able to suffer from bad luck that would be doom for any other team, but for them helps them to the top half of the Race.
Andrew & Dan Andrew & Dan… Dan said something about having to do better than 2nd to last every leg until they eventually come in last… I said, “Exactly!”  They still haven’t done much to get themselves out of the bottom and unless they step it up next week, they’re out. 
Quotes from Episode 13-05
Sarah: “I always thought you were a slow driver.”
Terence: “You’re such an ass.  That’s the way you comfort somebody who just got a speeding ticket.”

Dallas: “I don’t even know where Cambodia is.”
Toni: “You’ll find out soon enough.”
Dallas: “Thanks mother.”

Andrew: “Where the hell is Cambodia?”
Dan: “It’s in Asia!  You didn’t learn that in school?”
Andrew: “No, I didn’t go to a fancy private school like you.”

Dallas: “Kelly and Christy irk my nerve.  They think they are God’s gift to this Earth.  I wonder what would look like when they don’t paint their faces in the morning.”

Ty: “I wouldn’t trade her in for a Porsche or anything like that.”
Aja: “A Porsche?”

Aja: “Kiss me!  I always have to beg for affection.”
Ty: “No you don’t.”
Aja: “Yes I do!”

Dan: “Dude, you can’t just pump like a baby.”

Aja: “It is hotter than Satan’s toenail up in here.”

Dan: “You gotta do it like a madman!  That’s how you gotta do it!”

Starr: “Hi mom and dad!”

Tina: “Gosh dang them, turkey lips.  Our kids can’t do that Ken, they’re bad children.”

Tina: “Who passed us?
Ken: “Everybody.”

Dallas: “People are in the water.  The town’s in the water.  It’s like Waterworld.”

Kelly: “I can’t believe their parents let them go out there!  Little bitty kids!”

Tina: “We’re going to the dentist… to pick up some new teeth for me.”

Kelly: “Oh my gosh, I thought we were going to take that woman’s teeth!”

Andrew: “Look at [Angkor Wat]!”
Dan: “The original Playboy mansion.”


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