Recap: The Amazing Race 12, Episode 6 – “This is so ass-backwards.”


Whew! What an episode.

The Leg
Looks like last week was a close one as teams leave within 45 minutes of each other from the Pit Stop.

They find out they have to fly to Dubrovnik, Croatia and go to the Fort of St. Lawrence to find their next clue.

Ronald and Christina reserve tickets for a 6:25am flight by stopping at a hotel, but get in line with the rest of the teams. And so begins what will be a crazy leg caused by crazy drama at the airport.

Kynt & Vyxsin decide to go to a travel agent instead of the airline office where everyone is at, and Nathan & Jennifer worry they are getting the best flight so they leave the line and follow the Goths.

Meanwhile, Christina hands Azaria & Hendekea the phone number to Polish Air in a little covert operation where she tells them about their reserved seats. Later, Ronald gets a little snippy with Kynt & Vyxsin at the travel agent with Christina apologizing for her father after.

Now, Nicolas & Donald, who were last in line at the airline, are 2nd. Nathan & Jennifer decide to go back up to the line. Azaria & Hendekea can’t get through with the number Christina gave them.

TK & Rachel get tickets on a 6am flight leaving Lithuania through Prague arriving in Croatia at 11:20am. Nicolas & Donald end up on the same flight. Nate & Jennifer are too late to buy tickets for that one.

There is another flight leaving at 6:25am. Everyone else is on that flight until Azaria & Hendekea find out they bought business class tickets. They try to get different tickets, but there are no more seats available. The agent gives them a flight through Frankfurt, and maybe hoping to calm them down, she says that the flight through Prague will have all kinds of delays.

TK & Rachel and Nicolas & Donald arrive in Prague and the terminal is empty. They missed the connection. TK & Rachel find a flight through Vienna, but fills up so Nicolas & Donald take a flight flying through Zagreb. Phil keeps the suspense by not giving the arrival times for any of the three new flights…

The 6:25 teams arrive in Dubrovnik first. Ronald & Christina leave the airport last, but arrive at the clue box first to find the Road Block

In this Road Block, they must help renovate the city walls damaged by the Yugoslav civil war by searching through 150 stones for one of eight! stones that fit in the wall. The stone mason will give them their next clue when they find the right one.

Ron finishes quickly and they head to the roof of the Fort of St. Lawrence. There, they ride a tandem zip line across to Fort Bokar.

In this Detour, teams have to choose between two ways foreign armies might have tried to invade Dubrovnik, Short & Long or Long & Short. In Short & Long, teams repel from the roof, follow a marked path and then scale another wall. They then make their way on foot through the confusing streets to a plaza in town. In Long & Short, teams use a tandem zip line to fly to the water below, swim to a floating platform, choose a fishing boat and row around the wall of the city to the harbor and walk a short distance to the same plaza.

Ronald & Christina decide to do Long & Short, and have a little trouble at first, but work together to get to the plaza. Nathan & Jennifer do the same and frustrate themselves to get them right behind Ron & Chris.

They get back on dry land, Nate & Jen get to the clue box first, but Ron & Chris arrive just as they are reading the clue telling them to make their way to the Pit Stop, the Stone Cross overlooking the city.

A taxi refuses to take them because they are wet, and Nate suggests they just run it up there. Meanwhile, Ron & Chris get into a taxi that takes them straight up where a canon/Croatian gun and Phil welcome them as team #1.

As Jen cries up the hill, she and Nate ask a local if he could drive them up and he does. Phil says they are the 2nd team to arrive, but they did not use a legal form of transportation to get from the Detour to the Pit Stop so he tells them to go back to the clue box and use a legal form of transport to get them up to the Pit Stop.

As they do that, Kynt & Vyxsin, who decide to do Short & Long, move into 2nd place. The gun scares Nathan & Jennifer a second time and they end up in 3rd, with Jen concluding that she can’t any of it anymore.

It was almost like we were at the final 3 already because the next team didn’t arrive until Ron & Chris arrived at the Pit Stop.

TK & Rachel arrive at 2:39pm! Nicolas & Donald arrive next. And Azaria & Hendekea last.

TK & Rachel do Long & Short and finish 4th.

Donald slowly finishes the Road Block, as Azaria & Hendekea are right on their heels.

Phil does his famous pointing and Nicolas & Donald arrive 5th. And the former wonder siblings, Azaria & Hendekea are Philiminated.

The Teams
Woohoo! Go Ronald & Christina! I was so excited for them getting first place. They’ve done very well the last few legs and nice to see them finally pull ahead. Ron’s still got some calming down to do, but they are working well together now. Hope they continue that!

God bless it! But I am enjoying Nathan & Jennifer. I really don’t know why. I’d rather have them on the Race than most of the other bickering couples of the past. If it wasn’t for their (really Jen’s) frustrations, they’d actually be racing pretty well. I think I might use that “God bless it” as an exclamation now. Haha.

Nicolas & Donald have horrible airport luck, and Don’s pacing might be a problem for them later on. I’d love for the first grandparent/child team to do well, but they aren’t helping themselves.

Thank goodness the alliance between Kynt & Vyxsin and TK & Rachel was short lived. The Goths never know when TK might dole out more high and mighty judgments. Kynt & Vyxsin are consistent, but looks like they’ll be hitting a little bump in the road next (next) week.

And finally, Azaria & Hendekea. They were doing so well, but a few missteps cost them. Azaria does have to calm down a bit, especially towards Hendekea, but I guess that’s what siblings do. It would’ve been nice to see them go further though since they were racing so well in the beginning.

Overall Episode
I loved this episode. It had some of the best airport drama ever, and the Road Block and Detour were actually great localized tasks. It was a good episode to throw off the viewer with the teams so far apart from each other, with uncertain flights, in a leg when tasks could be finished rather quickly.

I’m sad that we have to wait two weeks for the next episode, but I hope CBS fills Survivor’s commercial time next week with some TAR promos. Who knows, TAR could pick up some stranded Survivor (and maybe even Kid Nation?) viewers over the Holiday. Speaking of, like during TAR6, I enjoy having TAR during the Holiday season. Makes the season all the more fun.

THE AMAZING RACE 13 has officially been confirmed!
Was there ever any doubt, honestly?

Christina: “See how nice you are to her? You should be that nice to me.”

Hendekea: “I know a couple of words in Croatian… or Bosnian. I know how to say ‘There’s a party in my pants.’”
Azaria: “Hopefully we can get a few dollars with that.”

After Ron gets too snippy…
Christina: “Sorry guys. Sorry.”
Vyxsin: “It’s okay, I have a dad too.”

Ronald: “I just ate. I might throw up my lunch.”

Ronald: “This is so ass-backwards.”

Ronald: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks at this stage in the game.”

Nathan: “We’re going to kick [Ron’s] butt.”
Guy: “Step off.”

Jennifer: “You’re the meanest person I’ve ever met sometimes.”
Nathan: “I am nooot! But you’re not even try-ing!”
Jennifer: “I’m not trying. Come on, I AM trying. Give me a break.”

Kynt: “Those straps look kind of hot on you Vyxsin.”

Vyxsin: “You’re like a little goth action hero.”

Nathan: “We need to get a cab.”
Jennifer: “This is so unfair.”
Nathan: “Jen, don’t give up on me. It’s okay.”
Jennifer: “No, it’s not okay, our relationship sucks.”

Jennifer: “None of the taxis would take us because we were a little wet. Can you believe that?”
Guy: “I believe it.”

Phil: “Who’s your daddy now?”

Phil: “You guys… have won a… twelve and a half foot… catamaran…”
Ronald: “We know what that is!”
*Everyone laughs*

Nathan: “To have this happen is just the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae that’s already melted.”

Nathan: “God bless it!”


1. Ronald & Christina
2. Nathan & Jennifer
3. Nicolas & Donald
4. Kynt & Vyxsin
4. Azaria & Hendekea
6. Rachel & TK

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