Recap: The Amazing Race 12, Episode 5 – “I don’t want this hernia to pop out.”


Another great episode

The Leg

The Teams learn that they have to fly to Vilnius, Lithuania.

It is evening and the teams rush to the Air France office to book tickets. Nathan & Jen and Azaria & Hendekea think it opens at 9AM the next morning and they (and everyone else) head to some internet placen. Not knowing about the 9AM open, Ronald & Christina go to the very much open office, and find out there are flights that would get them to Lithuania at 2:20PM.

It turns out there’s a flight that gets them in 1:25 which Azaria & Hendekea, Nathan & Jennifer, and Shana & Jennifer. Nicolas & Donald, who were told there were no more seats on the 1:25 flight, have to take another that gets them in at 1:35, along with the rest of the teams. Ron & Christina stay on the flight that is almost an hour after the first group of teams arrive in Lithuania.

There is a little big of drama among and within the teams as the booking happens. Shana & Jennifer are still in disagreement about the U-turn (with TK continuing to talk about how wrong it was) while the Gramps team annoys the others at the ticket office.

Once in Lithuania, the teams drive themselves to St. Anne’s Church. Nicolas & Donald arrive first and find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, the teams have to first choose a woman nearby working outdoors who will give them a package which they deliver to a specific person at the courtyard of Vilnius University, who then gives them another package which they take to one of four final destinations.

Nicolas, Hendekea, and Kynt do the Road Block. As the other teams get themselves lost (and in Shana & Jennifer’s case, almost get themselves crushed by a bus), Ronald & Christina jump to 4th place with Ron deciding to do the Road Block.

As Kynt finishes first, TK & Rachel and Nathan & Jennifer arrive at the church. Nicolas and Hendekea can’t find their 2nd destination, a salon, and TK and Ronald move ahead as they finish.

Nathan & Jennifer and Azaria & Hendekea follow, and Shana & Jennifer catch up to Nicolas & Donald as they both bring up the rear.

Teams now have to make their way to the town of Rumšiškės and a museum called Lietuvos liaudies buities muziejus for their next clue. Lithuania is the land of the gnomes, and once they arrive, Kynt & Vyxsin learn they find to search around a little village for the Travelocity roaming gnome among “his 100 closest Lithuanian gnome friends.”

Once they find the gnome, they follow a marked path to a church for their next clue, which contains the Detour.

In this Detour, teams have to choose between Count Down or Step Up. In Count Down, the teams have to count all the pickets in the marked section of a fence (717). In Step Up, they must stilt walk a marked path until they get to the end without falling down.

Kynt & Vyxsin feel right at home as they walk through a traditional midsummer’s festival where the townspeople, young and old, are dressed up in traditional and fun costumes. It turns out, it’s the townspeople’s job to distract the teams from completing the Detour.

Teams arrive one by one in the town as TK & Rachel finish the stilts first. Kynt & Vyxsin are right behind them after counting the pickets and they run to the Pit Stop at the Aukštaitija Windmill and finish as Teams 1 and 2 respectively.

Ronald takes a big fall, but he and Christina finish and Phil lets them know they are 3rd. Azaria & Hendekea fall to 4th after counting past a bickering Nathan & Jennifer who have a lot of trouble with the counting.

Jennifer does a Bolo and counts “87, 88, 89, 100.” They count 727 (717 + the 10 Jen skipped) and have to start over. After a while, they switch to the stilts, but only after Nate expresses his frustration with Jennifer’s nagging. (*gasp* He swore!) They finish 5th.

Nicolas & Donald and Shana & Jennifer finally catch up and it’s a battle for 6th with both counting the pickets. Eventually, the Grandfather/son take 6th as Karma smiles down on Shana & Jennifer who are eliminated.

The Teams
Ronald & Christina had a couple of small disagreements, but their come from behind was awesome. If it wasn’t for that hour behind the teams, maybe they could’ve even finished 1st! Huge props to Ronald for completing the Road Block AND the Detour with that hernia still bothering him.

Oops, looks like Nathan’s tongue slipped when he called Jennifer a bad word! I can’t say she didn’t deserve it though (He said it in a loving and caring way that only dating couples could do). She was being very difficult at the Detour. Still, they probably said “I Love You” to each other after each time they argued. Look at how fast Jen’s mood changes with the “Don’t touch me. Touch me.” moment from last week.

Finally Azaria & Hendekea fall from first. But it was really because she had bad luck finding the salon at the Detour. Not so cocky when not in the lead huh?

Nicolas & Donald also opened a bad case of luck. I didn’t think them not telling the other teams their flight was bad, I probably would do it myself. But it’s definitely not going to endear you to the group.

Kynt & Vyxsin could very well go all the way. They are racing very well so far. And Kynt wasn’t as annoying this week! Hope that continues.

TK & Rachel… what to make of them? Yeah, they’re “nice” but then again they are pretty emotionless most of the time. Except whenever they open a Road Block or Detour, then Rachel gets really angry and frustrated for whatever reason. Just something I noticed the last few legs. Meanwhile, TK, no one really wants to hear your ethical criticism on the U-turn. I’m glad they’re still in instead of the one’s who have alread been eliminated, but I hope they’re the next to go.

Speaking of… Shana & Jennifer. That bus was no joke, they really could’ve been hit. Still, I wasn’t sad to see them go. Definitely liked Jennifer more than Shana who continued to really just criticize everything she did. What a great partner. I guess Karma smiled down on the Race again, however I think they actually used the U-turn correctly. They thought they were one of the last two, so they used it. But they’re done, and they’re going to have lots of fun with Jason & Lorena at the Elimination Station.

Azaria: “Do you want me to kick you in the road?”

Ronald: “Lithuanians make some great pastries as I understand it.”

Nicolas: “My grandfather can’t remember where he put two hats in two days, let alone what we’ve done in the Race.”

Donald: “The internet ‘buffet’ is here.”

Ronald: “She’s fossilizing her mind to Air France. Try to have her expand beyond the fossilization of just these carriers.”

Donald: “C’est la vie. That’s French if you wanted to know.”

Hendekea: “I’m sweating like no other.”

Ronald: “I’m just trying to stablize my pain in the sideaches.”

Nathan: “I can’t believe what kind of person you’ve turned into. It’s the ugliest thing I ever seen in my life.”
Jennifer: “Same with you, Nate.”

Ronald: “I don’t want this hernia to pop out.”

Jennifer: “86. 87. 88. 89. 100”


1. Ronald & Christina
2. Nicolas & Donald
3. Nathan & Jennifer
4. Kynt & Vyxsin
5. Azaria & Hendekea
6. Shana & Jennifer
7. Rachel & TK

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