Recap: The Amazing Race 12, Episode 2 – “You’re vacillating! Vacillation!”


The Leg
The first clue of the 2nd leg tells the teams to get themselves to Amsterdam.

Ronald & Christina and the ministers stop at a little inn to use the computer and Ronald gets frustrated by Christina.

At the Shannon airport, the teams all line up at Aer Lingus to fly to Dublin.

The teams find out there are plenty of seats from Shannon to Dublin, but only 12 seats from Dublin to Amsterdam.

Nathan & Jennifer’s ticket lady is faster and Nicolas & Donald get on standby.  Marianna & Julia take the long way and miss the 1st flight to Dublin.

In Dublin, Nicolas & Donald get too pushy with their ticket agent, and Ronald is pissed.He goes off on Nicolas particularly since he was the pushy one of his team (and Nicolas has been talking about how out of control his grandfather was!).The ticket agent actually said Nic was rude too.

Nicolas & Donald end up making the flight.  Meanwhile, Marianna & Julia and are on the last flight with Ronald & Christina and Kate & Pat.

In Amsterdam, Azaria & Hendekea keep first place by paying for their tickets at the train, while everyone else misses the train by buying tickets at the counter.

Its the first Detour of the season, and teams have to choose between Hoist It and Hunt It.In Hoist It, teams must use a rope and pulley system to hoist 5 pieces of furniture up the side of a typical Amsterdam residence.In Hunt It, teams have to search through thousands of bicycles to find two that are tagged with colors that match the assigned ones given to them in their clues.

Azaria & Hendekea and Nicolas & Donald decide to Hunt It while everyone else decides to Hoist It.

Lorena & Jason move into first place as they Jason flies through the task.After a rough start, Vyxsin excels as well, but tires out by the 4th piece and Kynt takes over as they finish 2nd.

Meanwhile, Shana moves the furniture faster than TK and Nathan.Nathan gets his 1st piece up, but struggles until Jennifer comes down to finish it easily.It takes a while for TK and Rachel to figure out that maybe they need to switch places and fall to 7th in the process.

As teams finish, they find out they must make their way to a field in the village of Ransdorp and find their next clue.

It’s time for the Road Block.In this Road Block, the team member must complete a ditch vault, where they basically pole vault over a ditch of mud.Once they get across, they run to the cluebox and get back over “any muddy way” they want to (according to Phil).

Jason does it on his first try.Jennifer and Shana get the hang of it, and Hendekea and Kynt get muddy.After they finish the Road Block, teams must ride Bakfiets to the Pit Stop at the Dugerdam Yacht Club.

Back in Amsterdam, Ronald continues to frustrate his daughter through the Detour where they do Hunt It.But they finish.

At the Road Block, Donald decides to do the Road Block and he strips to his briefs to do it.Nicolas starts to regret his decision, but Donald finishes.

Christina did the Road Block, and Ronald continued with his bits of “advice.”

Lorena & Jason finish first and win bikes.Nathan & Jennifer are 2nd, Shana & Jennifer are 3rd.Kynt & Vyxsin are 4th.Azaria & Hendekea are 5th, TK & Rachel 6th,

Marianna & Julia are 7th, and Nicolas & Donald are 8th.Ronald & Christina fight it out (literally) for 9th.And Kate & Pat arrive last and are Philiminated.

The Teams
It’s funny, because a lot of the teams, I like one of them, not so much the other.

Like Kynt & Vyxsin.Vyxsin seems to be pretty cool.There were times when she slipped into “non-goth” mode which reminded me why I was so suspicious of them before the Race.But kudos to them Racing very well so far.

Then we have Ronald & Christina.They were at the top of my list last week, and then, evidence they didn’t get a lot of airtime last week, Ronald is actually a pretty loud, kind of annoying, non-stop talker.They made up in the end I suppose, but we’ll see how they do next week.I guess I’m rooting for Christina more than her father, and them as a team just to vindicate the past father/daughter teams.I hope Ronald does adjust overnight, like Christina suggested.

Nathan & Jennifer were okay this week… I think I’m officially convinced that they will be a Joseph & Monica type.Very strong frustration, but totally in love with each other (MoJo’s married now! Congrats!).

TK & Rachel were kind of nonexistent again, except for their slow reaction time to their unsuccessful Detour attempts.And Jason & Lorena were surprisingly strong this week.

Nicolas & Donald were okay, though Nic’s rudeness and Donald’s slow-ness could easily show up again in future legs.

Azaria & Hendekea had the chance to finish 1st for the 2nd week in a row, but they didn’t.They’re still shaping up to be a pretty strong team, but not much from them in this episode.

Shana & Jennifer did surprisingly well this leg as well. Shana showed some toughness at the Detour.They’re not BQs 2.0 yet, but they could go far if they keep it up.Meanwhile, Mariana & Julia recover from possible costly mistakes, I don’t seem them making too far.

And finally, Kate & Pat our married, lesbian ministers. They were all right in this episode, we got to see a little of them before they were Philiminated.They stayed cool under pressure.It would’ve been okay to see them around another episode or two, but they just couldn’t keep up.

I thought it was a good episode overall.Good Detour and good enough Road Block (seemed kind of short though).I don’t think my team rankings have changed so drastically ever.

Even though I have Azaria & Hendekea as my #1 team, they are not my favorites.I don’t know who I’m rooting to win though, looks like it’s going to be a roller coaster ride of a season!

Kynt: “I really can’t wait to get to Amsterdam.I know they are going to love me and Vyxsin there.”

Kynt: “When you’re playing [i]The Amazing Race[/i], 9 times out of 10, you’re completely in the dark…”
Vyxsin: “Usually, of course, the dark is Kynt and my’s favorite place to dwell.”

Jennifer: “Well, my brights aren’t staying on, so I have to hold them with one hand the entire way.Unless I’m just an idiot.”
Shana: “She asks that question a lot.”

Kate: “We are religious people, but we have no allusions that God cares whether we win The Amazing Race.”
Pat: “No?!? Dang.”

Ronald: “You’re becoming A.D.D. like me.”

Ronald: “Your grandpa is a good cop, and you’re the bad cop.”

Ronald: “I have maybe some problems with interpretation, but the words that come through my ear is very clear because I cleared all the wax yesterday.”

Ronald: “Booger! Booger!”

Jennifer: “That freakin’ little bitch did it.”

Pat: “The bad in me is coming out again.”
Kate: “What’s the bad in you?”
Pat: “Seeing somebody else all frustrated.”

Marianna: “Mr. Miyagi runs like the wind, so we better watch out for him.”

Ronald: “I’m optimistic with the real truth flavor.”

Ronald “I’m trying to give you the real truth that other peoples don’t tell you that you have boogers in your bones.”

Kynt: “I’m not one of those ‘get down and dirty’ kind of boys.I’m kind of prissy.”

Ronald: “You’re vacillating!Vacillation!”

TK: “Man you smell like poop.”

Ronald: “Oh let me hold that so you don’t contaminate it.”

Christina: “How does that feel for you?”
Ronald: “It’s okay, you need to lose some weight.”
*Bakfeit tips over, with Christina in it*
Ronald: “I should have not made that kind of comment.”


1. Azaria & Hendekea
2. Ronald & Christina
3. Nicolas & Donald
4. Shana & Jennifer
5. Nathan & Jennifer
6. Kate & Pat
7. Kynt & Vyxsin
8. Marianna & Julia
9. Rachel & TK
10. Lorena & Jason

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