Recap: The Amazing Race 12, Episode 3 – “Please, Lord, give me milk!”


Before the leg begins, we learn that Ronald developed a hernia because of exertion, so that could be a problem for our father/daughter team.

The Leg
The teams get their first clue telling them to fly to Ouagadougou in the developing country of Burkina Faso in West Africa.

They head to the airport and learn that there is only one flight to Ouagadougou from Paris every day. Nathan & Jennifer find out that there is an earlier flight from Amsterdam to Paris and manage to get tickets on it.

Their flight leaves 40 minutes earlier than the 2nd flight to Paris, which everyone else makes, including a down to the wire arrival from Ronald & Christina.

As Nathan & Jennifer arrive in Paris, the 2nd flight is delayed from departing due to mechanical problem, threatening to keep the rest of the teams from making the connecting flight to Ouagadougou.

Nathan & Jennifer are sitting on the Ouagadougou flight, and are disappointed as the rest of teams arrive at the last minute, one by one.

In Ouagadougou, the teams take taxis to the central train station for their next clue.

Shana & Jennifer have a small problem on their way to the station, as they had agreed on 3000 francs to their driver, who instead laughingly gives them only 1000 francs in change from the 5000 they gave him.

Their clue at the station tells the teams to take a train into the African Savannah to the village of Bingo. Once they hear their stop, the teams must disembark and find their next clue.

The teams find out ticketing doesn’t open until 6am the next morning and spend the night having fun (drinking beer it seems with Lorena holding a bottle), and having Julia dancing with an appreciative grandpa Donald.

While Shana & Jennifer are having a not so comfortable time on the train ride the next day, we see Nathan & Jennifer, Azaria & Hendekea, and TK & Rachel appreciating the experience.

As the teams hurry out of the train at Bingo, their next clue tells them it’s time for a Road Block. In this one, the team member must milk a camel, fill a bowl to a designated line, and then drink it. If a camel “dries up,” they must wait for other teams to finish before they can go to another camel.

The clue comes with a wise words: “Be mindful that camels are sensitive to fast movements and loud noises.”

Some camels are not very happy, while others seem to be fine, responding to the nicer Racers. I think I like the camels from Oman in TAR9 more. They were more talkative.

There was one part where Jason tries to encourage Lorena saying “You can do it baby!” and then we see the camel shake its head like, “Nope.” (Another example of why TAR editors are the best on all of television.)

TK downs the “grainy” milk first and they get the next clue telling them to guide four camels down a marked path to a group of waiting nomads.

Donald finishes next and he and Nicolas decide to follow TK & Rachel who have no idea where they are going.

Ronald & Christina are next and Christina reluctantly follows her father’s advice to follow the other two teams. Vyxsin and Nathan finish next.

The other teams are still struggling back at the Road Block and are now allowed to switch camels. Also, Julia’s camel relieves itself without her knowing it apparently.

Meanwhile, the other teams arrive at their next clue which is a Detour. In this Detour, teams have to choose between Teach it or Learn It.

In Teach It, the teams must teach a local child how to recite 10 English words until they can recite them correctly.
In Learn It, teams themselves must learn Moree, the primary African language used in the region, from a student until they can recite the words themselves.

TK & Rachel do Teach It, while Nathan & Jennifer and Kynt & Vyxsin do Learn It. Nicolas & Donald and Ronald & Christina feel that the well-rested school children would do better learning new words than their sleep-deprived selves so they Teach It. Before they start, the teams wander the village looking for the school.

This is one of the best Detours, because the teams actually have to interact with the locals, not just to ask directions but actually sit down with them and talk, even if there is a language barrier.

Azaria & Hendekea finish quickly and get the clue for the Pit Stop. But as they leave the school, a storm appears out of nowhere and we see various teams caught up in it.

Animals are running everywhere, locals are taking cover, camels with their hooves tied together are hopping along… it’s crazy.

As the rain pours down, Phil and the greeter, under the safety of a nice little umbrella, welcome Azaria, Hendekea and an uninterested fern Mischa as the first place team.

Back at the Road Block, Jennifer finishes and they are on their way as Azaria & Hendekea, with the very first Fern of the season, Mischa, guiding them after choosing Learn It.

Julia finally finishes the Road Block and they rush off as Lorena suffers a major Flo-like breakdown before finally finishing.

Ronald & Christina finish the Detour 2nd, but are confused as to where to go as TK & Rachel, Nathan & Jennifer, Nicolas & Donald, and Kynt & Vyxsin finish as well.

Five teams run towards Phil and arrive at basically the same time. Not since a three team bottleneck at the end of the Sri Lanka leg in TAR6 have teams all arrived at the mat at the same time.

A soaked Phil tells TK & Rachel that they are 2nd, followed by Nathan & Jennifer, Kynt & Vyxsin, Ronald & Christina, and Nicolas & Donald.

There are still 3 teams left as Shana & Jennifer Teach It and place 7th. Lorena & Jason run with their camels and catch up to Marianna & Julia.

It’s neck and neck between the last two teams until Lorena & Jason just edge the sisters for 8th.

With a soaked Phil and spikey hair, and the greeter and her sleeping baby on her back, Marianna & Julia say goodbye to the Race.

The Teams
Ronald & Christina recovered a little this week. Thank goodness, Ronald was close to being as awesome as he was in leg 1.

Nicolas & Donald… That gramps is definitely a wild one. I am liking Vyxsin more than Kynt since after two episodes, she seems to be a very strong competitor.

I like Nathan & Jennifer. They have their funny moments in between their little annoyances with each other. On the other hand, while TK & Rachel haven’t had much drama, they’ve been making lots of little mistakes that could definitely cost them later on.

Are Lorena & Jason channeling TAR3’s Flo & Zach? It sure seemed that way, though Lorena seems to be a lot more screechy and much earlier than Flo ever was/did, while Zach was never a mactor.

Aside from Shana & Jennifer’s unfunny comments about Burkina Faso, they did okay this week, though not as good as last.

Azaria & Hendekea get 1st for the 2nd time, despite running into some bumps along the way. Right now, they seem to be the team to beat.

And Marianna & Julia. Like Kate & Pat last week, it would’ve been nice to see them stay longer since they were one of the non-bickering teams, but a case of bad luck and little mistakes did them in.

Overall, great leg. Good drama, awesome tasks, great destination. Let’s hope they keep it up for the rest of the season!

Shana: “Where are we going?”
Jennifer: “To be sold to people… for money.”

Donald: “They’re feisty, they’re hot… a little bitchy, but not bad. A guy could learn to live with it.”

Azaria: “This is strange, I’m grabbing a camel’s breasts.”

Jennifer: “Nate, you have to be gentle. You’re handling nipples.”

Julia: “He’s kicked all my milk out!”

Ronald: “These animals love me because I have their stench… (to camel) right?”

Ronald *singing* “It’s a long road to Tiperrari!”
Camel speaks
Christina: “Daddy!”
Ronald: “What? That’s camel-esh for ‘Go go go!’ Chris!”
Christina: “That’s camel for ‘Be quiet please!’.”

Lorena: “Please, Lord, give me milk!”

Ronald: “I’m not that kind of a young spring chicken.”


1. Ronald & Christina
2. Nicolas & Donald
3. Azaria & Hendekea
4. Nathan & Jennifer
4. Shana & Jennifer
4. Kynt & Vyxsin
4. Marianna & Julia
8. Rachel & TK
9. Lorena & Jason

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