The Amazing Race (11) All-Stars Exclusive Videos!

Tons of exclusive deleted scenes and cast interviews are available on Innertube at Plus, watch the Pit Stop Cam where you get to see what the remaining teams do during their 12 hour rest periods. And, don’t miss Elimination Station, as the latest Philiminated teams head to the beautiful Sequesterville villa.

I’ll feature the best and funniest videos here every week.

Some choice Innertube clips to check out form the first four episodes.

Mary Doesn’t Agree with Tea
At Pim’s Restaurant, Uchenna & Joyce and Charla & Mirna drink tea to ward off altitude sickness, but Mary is having none of it.
View Mary Doesn’t Agree with Tea on innertube now

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Charla & Mirna Pick a Line
With three options at the airport, cousins Charla & Mirna come up with some unusual ways to decide which line to choose.
View Charla & Mirna Pick a Line on innertube now

Charla & Mirna’s Bedtime Disturbs Joe & Bill
Bedding down for the night with their camping blanket, cousins Charla & Mirna create enough of a racket to disturb sleeping beauties Joe & Bill.
View Charla & Mirna’s Bedtime Disturbs Joe & Bill on innertube now

More videos from episode 2

More videos from episode 3

More videos from episode 4

Latest video:
THIS WEEK: David & Mary settle into the exotic luxury of Elimination Station and ponder which Team will be the next to arrive. Everyone is shocked at the arrival of Rob & Amber and they are grilled for information about the Race.

Videos of the teams as they get a chance to sit back and relax before the next hectic and exciting leg of the Race.
A few of the videos include teams having a meal together, teams sitting around a fireplace, and teams getting to know the local dogs.
Pit Stop Cam videos from Episode 4

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