Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 2 – “We’ve never been around gay people… I like ‘em!”


A great episode. TAR10 is now in full swing.

It was very exciting, non-stop action, great location, and definitely a deeper look at the teams.

From the Great Wall, the teams headed to Mongolia. Of course they were all bunched up, but that is just part of the Race. However, once the teams arrived in Ulaanbaatar and witnessed a traditional Mongolian ceremony, they were on their own.

And not since TAR6’s hilarious little trabbants have we seen so many car problems. They weren’t all mechanical failures either, David & Mary drove themselves into mud while Tyler & James got a flat. The others had to crank themselves back on track.

One by one, the teams arrived at the Detour. The teams had to ride horses to get to the Detour and it was here that the order of teams changed by the minute. Passing each other on the way, teams were able to pull ahead.

Having to choose between Fill It Up or Pull it Down, teams had the choice of guiding an ox-like native animal (called a hynik) to fill containers with water or “unwrapping” a traditional Mongolian yurt and tying it to a camel. Peter & Sarah had trouble with both detours, including their runaway hynik.

After completing the detour, lost hats/helmets delayed a few more teams, yet again allowing others to pass them. But even worse was Duke letting two teams pass him on the way to the Road Block. Careful driver, Duke is.

Some of the coolest things I think I’ve ever seen on TAR have involved flaming balls of fire. The final three in TAR4 had a ceremony in an Aboriginal park where an aborigine lit a tree on fire with a bow and arrow. So I thought this Road Block was pretty darn cool, shooting an arrow into a target that burst into flames.

The teams definitely became a little more defined this week. Rob & Kimberly are definitely this season’s “dysfunctional” couple while Peter & Sarah seem to be a little more intense than dysfunctional. I sense some tension coming up there.

David & Mary (mostly Mary) have begun to endear themselves, in my opinion. I’m rooting for Erwin & Godwin, but they’ve go to step it up. Tyler & James aren’t just the typical model/alpha males. They are definitely a little more interesting and thankfully not as horny as Eric & Jeremy.

Duke & Lauren are okay. Tom & Terry are slowly starting to get annoying. Lyn & Karlyn are okay, but a little annoyed by them not even stopping to ask if Tyler & James were okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah… it’s a Race, but still they could’ve stopped to see if every thing was okay. Whatever… no need to go back to TAR7. Dustin & Kandice almost pulled out 1st; they may go far.

I was sad the cheerleaders, Kellie & Jamie were eliminated, they seemed like a fun team and could’ve done well, but they had a horrible leg.

Overall, this was a great, great episode. I am definitely more excited about this season now.

Mary: “Honest to goodness, we’ve never been around gay people… I like ‘em!”

Kimberly: “Ewe, dirty water… do we get diseases from that?”

Kimberly: “I love how you’re grinding”
Rob: “Honey, its not me, it’s the car.”

Dustin: “I’m a Mongolian now! Bring me some BBQ baby!”

Kimberly: “Can horses smell fear?”

1. Erwin & Godwin
1. Tyler & James
1. David & Mary
4. Kellie & Jamie
5. Duke & Lauren
6. Dustin & Kandice
7. Rob & Kimberly
8. Lyn & Karlyn
9. Pete & Sarah
9. Tom & Terry

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