Recap: The Amazing Race 7, Episode 6 – “Here’s a goat with nice big teets”


Okay… where do I begin… Meredith & Gretchen… man, I was yelling at the TV when they missed the clue… but they really are the “AMAZING comback kids” like TAR3’s Teri & Ian… what was with all the newfound hate for M & GLynn & Alex said they were stupid… geez, bordering on Ray territory there…
But they’re still in the RACE… Let’s go into the FINAL FOUR!!!!

Well, the teams are thinking about non-elims now, they know how to predict a possible non-elim leg… but they were wrong this time… next week is probably non-elim, so another week of Romber probably…

Brian & Greg were funny… but I’m not really sad that they were PHILiminated… we don’t need another “alpha-male” team to win the RACE… Uchenna & Joyce are okay… geez, those little things, Phil was just trying to get something going with making teams go back and complete the ROAD BLOCKs… lol, but it didn’t happen… Ron & Kelly… what was Kelly listening to? How did Ron saying “Just chill out” turn into “Shut the f*** up” ? lol anyway… they’re okay…

How cool was it for them to be able to drive through the African Bush and see all those animals… Rob made a pretty dumb comment… He thought the giraffe’s tail was a monkey… geez… but anyway, it was pretty cool for them to do that…

All the tasks seem to be physical this time around, not thinking tasks… I liked those… oh well, the season is slowly getting better… once Romber is gone, the show will take off

TOMORROW… special recap episode with BONUS FOOTAGE, TAR’s deleted scenes… which are pretty funny most of the time… lol…

Lynn: “Thank you cow cow”
Alex: “How now brown cow?”
Lynn: “Thank you Mr. Cow”

Gretchen: “Here’s a goat with nice big teets”

Lynn: “Hello goats”

Gretchen: “Don’t spill a drop or I’ll kill you”

Alex: “How many gay guys does it take to milk a goat”

Lynn: “Let’s see if we can destroy this [car]”

Lynn: “Will you put on underwear as a headband”

Phil: “The fashion police is going to arrest you in Africa?”


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  1. OMYGOD.. U WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT JONATHAN FROM THE LAST SEASON OF TAR DOES! i saw him on VH1 and i was like wait.. wasnt that guy from amazing race? HE RUNS A SPA.. of all things.. a place to be calm and relaxed.. jonathan does not=relaxed..

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