Recap: The Amazing Race 7, Episode 4 – You Are Such a Gaucho


Ray is an a$$hole… at least Jonathan was nice sometimes (he gave the kids candy) and he’s randomness was amusing (“You and me… SUPERHEROES!”)… ugh, Ray is just mean… and weird looking, not to mention his whining wife/girlfriend, whatever she is…

SO MUCH QUITTING!! I can’t take it… CBS needs to stop pimping Rob & Amber… I can’t have them taking credit to bring the show its best ratings ever… and I don’t see how since TAR7 isn’t turning out to be the “Best Race ever” as Phil put it…

OMG… Gretchen‘s face is covered in blood next week… and the brothers’ truck flips over… maybe this season can saved… especially if two teams go home next… ;) (I can think you can tell from up there ^^)
Gretchen and Meredith are hilarious though, especially with their innuendo/jokes… lol

I like Ron & Kelly but they really are boring (Kris & Jon at least had some personality)… Uchenna & Joyce are okay… Who else is on this race? Oh yeah… THe Brothers are okay… Lynn & Alex are okay, but borderline annoying…

Not one team really stands out except for ones that are unlikable…

The pre-scheduled flights are getting to be stupid… GET THEM OUT OF SOUTH AMERICA NOW!! The Road Block was stupid… how unimaginative… and the Detour? Ugh… there really aren’t any skill tasks in TAR anymore…

I just don’t know anymore… I still love TAR, but this season has become my least favorite by a mile… and TAR8 isn’t going to be any better with the 8 year old brats running around… I am still wondering how they are going to pull off the stupid Family Edition… I have been completely disappointed with TAR7… I don’t what Phil was smoking when he said this was the best Race ever… hopefully next week’s episode will signal a recovery but I doubt it…



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