Emmielyn’s Debut + American Dreams Move!

Finally! lol :
Click for very, very big version... lol... i think too big<Click for very big version... lol... another big one<Click for bigger version, not as big as the others
The only time I’ll ever put pictures here…

NBC has moved AMERICAN DREAMS to Wednesdays at 8:00PM/7:00c… The move will begin with the show’s return on March 9th
I don’t know about this… while it will only have LOST as its major (HUGE) competition… AD might not benefit from this move… However, if NBC actually promotes AD throughout the week, then it should do fine and hopefully attract new viewers who don’t watch TV on Sundays… Now I have nothing to watch on Sundays! And as for AD vs. LOST… I will definitely be watching AD… maybe taping Lost…

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