Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 11 – “It’s all in the details.”


The Amazing Race powerhouse also known as Kris & Jon led their way into first this leg… they would fall behind a little, but just smoke the competition… first at the DETOUR then at the ROAD BLOCK… all the while staying calm and cool… they are seriously the best… their placing so far in the race has been:
2 … 1 … 2 … 1 … 4 … 2 … 4 … 3 … 1
with an average placing of 2nd… please, please… I hope there isn’t a huge upset at the end of this race…
I love this quote: Jon: “Hey Holmes… you’re taking us in the wrong direction.”

I’m glad they had that little dedication at the beginning of the episode to the tsunami victims and then Phil at the end talking about helping out…

I think they did the most traveling in one REGULAR leg ever… 5 or 6 different destinations with 2 or 3 more tasks in addition to the DETOUR and ROAD BLOCKKendra continues to whine… but she and Freddy were tolerable during the DETOUR and the elephants…

Another Adam & Rebecca blow up… well really, just another Adam crying session… Lori & Bolo could’ve done well, but they were not very methodical, and at times would get very tired… How about Kris trying to comfort Bolo… just amazing… Hayden & Aaron were okay… but dissing Kris & Jon is a big no-no…

Loved that scramble to the PIT STOP… first outside with the running and the TukTuks… then at the pool… Rebecca fell into the pool after she was DENIED by Phil at the mat… lol… Kris‘s comment (and tonight’s episode title) is perfect… “Its all in the details” … they didn’t read the clues, so they didn’t know to jump in the pool… but damn, they all checked in within a minute and a half of each other at least…
This was the first time I was pissed at the HOURS OF OPERATION… 4:00PM? geez…

Anyway… one more episode until the 2 hour season finale!





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