Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 9 – “Tell my mom I love her.”


My lovefest for Kris & Jon continues… strengthening it this week was Kris‘ comment about I LOVE LUCY, I’m assuming she is a fan…
“I’ve seen a lot of I Love Lucy episodes… when she smashed the grapes…and I think my face really helped…
Great ROAD BLOCK … a little tribute to I LOVE LUCY in a way…
And I got a little scared when they were at the aiport and that guy wouldn’t give them tickets… I thought we’d see the first Kris/Jon blow up, but while they were frustrated they didn’t explode and start verbally attacking the ticket agent like other teams would’ve… AMAZING job Kris & Jon… what a great team

Adam‘s a dumba$$… and good thing about them taking the FAST FORWARD was that we didn’t have to see them most of the episode… Lori was hilarious at the RB when she asked Bolo if she could drink some then he finishes it, she sarcastically thanks him and then yells at him “LET’S GO!”… gotta love TAR editing…

I think this was the first episode where Victoria exploded more than Jonathan did… screaming at the DETOUR… throwing her stuff to the ground at the vineyards… what did she say about suicide? let me see…
Victoria: “You’re going to drill that hole until I commit suicide.”
Jonathan: “Yes, until you commit suicide.”

That black dog was sooo funny, it started to run away when Jonathan & Victoria were yelling

“The Model Alliance” … Did not like Aaron & Hayden‘s fighting… and how about Hayden‘s little Flo-like moment at the repel?
Flashback to TAR3’s Flo: “What happens if I slip… am I just hanging off a cliff?”
Not really liking Freddy & Kendra still… at least she wasn’t being a racist this week…

Overall it was an okay episode… not the most exciting until the end when they were all arriving at the PIT STOP… I was kinda hoping it would be an ELIMINATION leg… but it was a NON-ELIM… oh well…

Next week it looks like the teams strip down in mud and then Victoria gets injured somehow while Kendra screams…





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