Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 5 – “Quit following us!”


Wow, they arrived so close to each other… a minute after each other… damn Kris & Jon are looking hot today… I think they are best TAR model team ever… strong competitors, nice people… hot… lol perfect team… lol

that’s nice how they get to pay tribute to the slaves… damn, that has to be one of the best, most memorable, most emotional moments in the 6 seasons of the Race…. on a scripted show, a sequence like that would earn it an Emmy nomination if not an award… Wow, the teams are so nice… Jonathan gave them $20, he seriously has something wrong with him, how can he be so nice at times and other times be ready to kill Victoria… anyway, I’m glad the teams helped Don & Mary Jean out…

Freddy & Kendra are so freakin’ annoying, well Kendra especially… how bitchy whiny is she… I just wish they go to poorer countries just to make her “suffer”

Well that fight was useless, they made nice right after… Germany’s fun… I love the detours… What the hell was Aaron saying? “burs? burs?” Aaron & Hayden’s taxi driver was funny… Gus was hilarious drinking the beer… damn Kris & Jon blazed through that… ewe, all that editing for those gay references to Adam… he loves weiners… okay… whatever… but bravo to the clever TAR editors once again… lol

Jonathan is so freakin’ cocky, and on this leg, he was so freakin’ annoying about how rich he is… oh crap, he’s gonna kill her if they’re not first… uh oh… wtf Victoria is the one telling Jonathan to keep going… omg he is going to lose it… FUDGE… WOAH! Phil was ready to bitchslap Jonathan if he did something to Victoria… man, intense stuff there… this has been one of the most intense, if not the most intense episode of TAR I’ve ever seen…

anyway… the two worst teams are the top 2 for this leg… i knew they were gone this week… damn it… Don & Mary Jean are freakin’ awesome… I love them, they are officially one of my favorite teams ever, right up there with TAR1’s Dave & Margaretta,TAR3’s Teri & Ian and Jon Vito & Jill.

Anyway, Don & Mary Jean have run a good race… too bad they couldn’t get themselves out of last place… Kris & Jon, I will be very, very disappointed if they are eliminated for some stupid mistake… I was upset when Jon Vito & Jill were eliminated… but for TAR3, I liked the final 3 teams… I just hope the deserving teams make it to the end this time…

Aaron & Hayden have lost a lot of rootability for me, I don’t know why, but they are still miles ahead of Lori & Bolo, the weird couple, the ungrateful bitch and her bitch, and the a$$hole and his property… I think this cast is definitely coming into their own as a memorable one… Charla who?


Mary Jean: “I just looked in the mirror, I look 40 years older than when we left.”

Bolo: “Just be quiet, mouth”

Hayden: “Just becuase you’re 5’5″ and on steroids…”

Jonathan: “You gotta have an appreciation for the people who make Mercedes”

Hera: “That is the perfect example of why running too fast is bad”

Taxi driver: “You need a fast taxi, ya?”

Mary Jean: “We’ve got to be missing something, big time, major”

Don: “I’ve always wanted to make sausage”

Victoria: “Leave me alone.”

Jonathan: “I never promised to leave you alone. That’s why I married you.”

Bolo: “Why you gotta be a bitch?”

Hera: “We have to find our pictures… Hera? Black people?”

Rebecca: “Pay attention!”
Adam: “Oohh, I’m paying attention”

Hera: “I don’t think you’re allowed to drink it Daddy”

Adam: “Ewe. he’s eating it.”

Hera: “You’re looking like a freakin’ wash!”

Gus: “Its good beer”

Hera: “You’ve got a problem”
Gus: “I woud’ve liked to stay a little while longer, that was excellent beer”

Hera: “I would’ve liked it better if my Dad was listening to me.”

Rebecca: “Push, push, a little more”
Adam: “I WANT MORE than 7 inches… Can I get one of these for my home?”

Adam: “I’m surprised Jonathan isn’t here, he’s the biggest weiner of them all”

Don: “Go ahead, and push it in nice and slow”

Mary Jean: “I’m pushing as hard as I can”

Mary Jean: “We were going ‘7 inches, 7 inches’… My God, 7 inches is really big!”

Mary Jean:”I love when you drive like a madman”







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