Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 4 – “What if it isn’t sanitary?”


I love Don & Mary Jean… how sweet are they… just like TAR1’s Dave & Margaretta… it was so funny how they caught more fish as Don kept throwing up… I knew it was going to be non-elimination, at least I hoped for it… hmm… Phil said “several” non elimination legs… does that mean we could have 4 teams racing in the final leg? Kris & Jon are on fire… Another example of clever TAR editing when Jon was admiring how hot Kris looked doing the ROAD BLOCK… I think I could agree with him… lol…

Hayden & Aaron are falling behind personality wise, and I am liking Gus & Hera more now… but why all the scenes of Gus shirtless or almost naked (remember the premiere? bathing in the ice?)… now that’s scary… Freddy & Kendra are just annoying… Lori & Bolo are too, but less annoying this leg… and Lori dominated the Road Block, why wouldn’t she? As Hayden says in the preview, they’re on steroids… lol

Did Jonathan actually do something nice? He gave the Senegalese children some candy… and he toned down a bit with his anger… but still had some random moments… he wanted to become a superhero again with that Senegalese man… remember him wanting to be a superhero with Bolo? And Victoria thinks he can make a good father? okay… TAR editors are so good… that little commentary about wanting to have babies… so hilarious

Adam & Rebecca provided the quote of the week: Adam: “Do you want me to jump out the boat?” Rebecca: “That’d be awesome.” oh yeah and “I don’t have time to babysit my girlfriend anymore”…. Rebecca said that… lol

I think this episode was like TAR4‘s episode in India where the teams all reacted to the poverty and drunk taxi drivers and chaos at the airport… I was waiting for those scenes in TAR5 when they went to the Philippines… lol… and those taxi money troubles… reminds me of Colin when he almost got arrested and of TAR4, I don’t remember who it was but one of the girls just threw the money for the driver on the ground.

Great episode… lots of funny moments… “Its about the right time for a non-elim leg” I thought to myself at the beginning of the episode. And it was more obvious by the way Phil emphasized a team “MAY be eliminated.” “MAY” … “SEVERAL” … tricky TAR team trying to trick us fans… lol



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