Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway Review

Fun day today… but tiring too… lots of work, but worth it! I was able to catch up with LOST too… Ethan is creepy, who the hell is he? And could the psychic have something to do with crashing the plane? Very exciting CAL game today… I was so pissed they let them TD, but Hunter’s TD was awesome… classic block by DeCoud… I love the Longhorns, but Cal IS going to the Rose Bowl.

Kelly’s new album is amazing… Not really any fillers, I think…

1. Breakaway Its a good song… but after hearing so many times its lost it greatness… but its still a good song.
2. Since U Been Gone Great transition for her, yeah it sounds Avril-ish… except with 100x better vocals, better lyrics… really Kelly is so much better than Avril in every way.
3. Behind These Hazel Eyes One of the standouts of the album. Very very good.
4. Because of You Amazing vocals, sweet song, just amazing song overall
5. Gone Great chorus… love the energy
6. Addicted This should be a hit, its being considered as a single… amazing lyrics… flawless vocals… maybe the 2nd best song of the album
7. Where Is Your Heart Another sweet song, shows Kelly’s voice off well
8. Walk Away A fun song
9. You Found Me Good lyrics… one of the weaker songs, but still good
10. I Hate Myself for Losing You Good song.. nothing much to say
11. Hear Me One of the bettter songs of the album, great vocals, great lyrics
12. Beautiful Disaster (Live) While the original version was great, the live piano version is better… shows off Kelly’s voice more… I wish they would’ve recorded it in the studio with the piano instead of it being “Live”


well its been a fun tiring day so I’m going to go sleep now… I think I’m serving tomorrow?? This might be the first weekend with no homework for me… yay…

One thought on “Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway Review

  1. I love this album! I like ALL the songs! I too am lovin’ “Addicted”! Probably since the guy that left Evanescence helped her make it! I like evanescence and Addicted has the same vibe!

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