Have you seen Krystala?! Oh geez.

oh man… have you seen ABS-CBN’s KRYSTALA? oh geez, its supposed to be the most expensive Philippine series ever produced because of the extensive latest “special effects”… i was so embarrased for them, i mean even the Philippines could do better than that, what the hell was that crap? this is supposed to be the most expensive series ever? well then the budget for the other Philippine teleseryes must have been 500 pesos becuase even that devil possession on Basta’t Kasama Kita had better effects than this show… I’m sure they spent more money on the actors for Sana’y Wala Ng Wakas than they did on the special effects on Krystala, Philippines’ first SUPERSERYE… man, i was just covering my eyes while watching it today….

i just had to let that out, it was so stupid, it was hilarious

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