Surrounded by Jasmines

I was surrounded by Jasmines yesterday… my niece Jasmine Grace, my kinda-sorta-distant cousin Jasmine, and then ppl started hurling Jasmine Trias jokes at my cousin from Hawaii… so… yeah… and how come I never knew Hawaii was full of Ilocanos… thats pretty freakin’ cool

Jasmine Grace Domingo Der is soo cute She likes to punch and she’s only a month old… lol

MIRACLE is a good movie… Kurt Russell is intense in a couple of scenes… good movie…

Darn… #13 SACRED HEART CATHEDRAL lost to #12 WEIRDAN 3-1 in round 2 of CCS… why can’t any of our teams win anything significant? well at least we made CCS, and seeded #13 that’s pretty good for a 13-13 team at the time. Ooo… eerie…

And WOAH, did I not get the ABC Family memo that there were two PRDT eps yesterday… its a good thing i found out right before we left for Benicia or I wouldn’t have set the VCR right. How great was it to watch back to back new eps of PRDT? AMAZING… lol… So here it is…


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