Lots of big news!

Well its a big news day today:

 Well, Jasmine has finally been eliminated from Ameri… I mean Judges Idol.  I can’t say I’m surprised, I mean with all the bias and bashing and favoratism, its a wonder Jasmine made it into the top 12 with how much the judges and producers hated her…  Anyway… she doesn’t need American Idol… she isn’t a teen mother or a wannabe beauty queen… Jasmine will make it, for sure…. We all  you Jasmine!!! The real American Idol.

 Entertainment Weekly just revealed on EW.com DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ big twist.  Very twisty I have to say… Can’t wait to see it play out… I love reading the envious ABC daytime executive and writer for “The Boring and the Overdramatic” be pissed because they can’t match Days’ and JER’s genuis… lol

and the best news of all…  THE AMAZING RACE 6 will premiere in SEPTEMBER!!  SEPTEMBER!! A few weeks after TAR5 wraps… wow, very shocking news, but very good news… Although there may be a downside, business-wise… the show will now air Saturdays at 9PM… Hopefully people will tune in, then we can have TAR7 in January?  How about moving SURVIVOR to Saturday at 8PM and CBS can use its Thursday powerhouse to premiere a new show? 

So sad news, shocking news, and AMAZING news… all added to the funny news of Calc earlier today…

@ 10:19, let’s add more bad news… the SHARKS lost to Calgary denying them their first chance at the Stanley Cup… precious seconds…  and while i personally think the NBA sucks, i still would’ve preferred the kings to win… hopefully, and i know marissa agrees with me on this one FINALLY… money won’t buy you a championship ring, at least with a conscience… THE LAKERS SUCK!!!!!

 adobo grease!

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