i wish i had eaten my cookie

Well its Wednesday… which meant block 9 and block 2 senior finals… which meant a nifty little test on velocity for us lucky juniors… and after block 5 took it last friday, they kinda made me worried… but closer and closer to today, i started to get that pre-ap exam feeling of “wow, this is going to be so funny”  bryce was happy to know i thought that calculus tests are amusing…lol… but they really are… i should’ve taken lisa’s approach… you really didn’t have to prepare… but i didn’t even study so i guess i did take her approach…

approximation?  i never even thought about that crap until today… its probably not what you had to do anyway… acceleration=0?  distance from 15 to 45?  average of speed over the one hour?  well at least i have the two graphs and the average problem right… that’s 3

i hate it when after i finish a test and i think to myself “oh wow, i think i did pretty well, that wasnt that hard” and then i get shot down afterwards… oh well… lol

oh yeah, i wish i had eaten my cookie so i could’ve had another one  lol

tomorrow’s dress up day people!  the first time in a year and half…

One thought on “i wish i had eaten my cookie

  1. dude.. calm down.. breathe.. its only calculus.. HAHA GUYS HAVE TO WEAR TIES.. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH… and yes.. u should have stuffed ur mouth with cookies and then with crumbs dribbling out said… COULD I HAVE MORE!!!!.. and yes.. my aapproach is the frickin best.. and NEVER AIM HIGH SO WHEN U FAIL.. U DONT FEEL TOOO BAD.. hhehe.. jk lester.. ull do FINE

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