Well talk about dreams, I had another one last night… I dreamt that I was back in the class with the SRAILS!! Melt will know what I’m talking about    I loved that class, I wish I was back in it    The dream was pretty uneventful, but just made me remember how great that class was

Hmm… how about a flashback to a dream of the past…  One was at the Holy Angels School Talent Show.  It was a performance of *NSYNC’s “This I Promise You” with Emmy and JC on the piano, and me, Mel, Marissa, Joan, and Patty singing.   Now that’s already funny.  Well it turned out me, Mel, and Patty planned a little something special for Joan and Marissa and let’s just say sparks were flying and people were tripping all over Holy Angels Church that night.  lol

OH!!!  And that just made me remember THE SECRET OF THE CASTAWAY, the possibly blockbuster motion picture that was in the works in 2001   Could’ve been, and still could very well be a great movie… or at least book first.  And DETECTIVE DUO!  Two young sister sleuths try to help a rich lady after she was burgled?  Great family film.  Or it could be…

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