Advanced Placement

Well now back home after falling asleep in the car while the fam was shopping at the MOM market (aka Manila Oriental Market)…

So my dream, let me preface by saying I had just finished watching a late 10PM airing of ALIAS and a few episodes of PRDT all weekend.  So it takes place at school, during Block 2, Calculus.  We were just sitting around when all of a sudden we hear loud noises outside, a commotion, lol.   Mr. Sazo comes on and tells everyone to evacuate both campuses.  It turns out that KGB agents, German, Russian spies or something like that (ALIAS influence) were threatening to bomb the school or start shooting.  So when you think about it wouldn’t make sense to evacuate and just put everyone outside where the machine gun yielding madmen were waiting.  But then again having a thousand students and faculty pouring out of the building might distract them a little.

Anyway… back in Room 411 (is it 411?) only 6 people are left, myself, Lisa, Brian Tom, Mike, Serena and Mr. Murphy.  Mr Murphy tells the 5 of us “Wait… follow me”  So we follow him to the plaza.  Everyone seems to have turned invisible as the only people on the entire SHCP campus are the 6 of us and the few dozen KGB/Russian/German spies.  We freeze and Mr. Murphy says “Fight them”  We look at him like he was crazy but the guys with machine guns start running towards us, so we just go and hope for the best.  To our surprise we could fight them.  We didn’t have weapons or anything so we did it Power Rangers style (of course no weapons, karate, kung-fu, jiu-jitsu, etc.)  Great action sequence I have to say, lol.

Let’s see if I can remember, it played out like a fight in a PR episode.  First some guy has Brian by the throat and Lisa comes and kicks him in the head, the guy not Brian.  Then I just sucker punched a guy when Mike yells “Lester look out!” and I turn around to see some guy leap towards me, but I duck and he lands on one of the planters.  I turn back around to say thanks to Mike, but instead I yell “Mike look out!”  and the same thing happens…. moving on after that Matrix-like fight scene and all the spies/agents (whatever they are) are unconcious, Mr. Murphy takes into the gym, oops I mean The Pavilion.  lol

As we’re walking, I notice there are three guys and two girls, so I say “Uh… we’re not becoming Power Rangers are we?” Mr. Murphy turns around and makes a face like “What the hell are you smokin’?”.  He then tells us he’s an undercover CIA agent, or he’s working as a secret agent and being a Calculus teacher is just his cover.  He then recruits us to be CIA agents, saying that because we’re so young no one would suspect us.  It turns out he had already cleared it with our parents. 

And then I woke up. 

So another one of my random dreams.  You know after typing that all out, it sounds like a premise for a new TV show, or even motion picture.  Hmmm… maybe I should pitch it to NBC or something, they need a good spy drama…lol

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