Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 10 (Leg 2, Day 4) – "We already just U-Turned ourselves!"

Teams must now drive to Sky Ranch Theme Park in Tagaytay and find a clue inside one of the 32 gondolas of the Sky Eye Ferriswheel. The number under their Summit water bottle cap is the number of the gondola they must enter first. If they’re lucky, they’ll get the next clue. If not, they’ll have ride one whole rotation to try again.

But on the way, teams must first stop at the U-Turn Reveal Board to see if they have the greenlight to move on or must complete the other side of the Detour.

Avy & Tina are dead to Vince & Ed while Jet & Yna know now to “unfriend” Matt & Phoebe. Luz & Chen agree that while it’s fine to pakisama or be friendly with others, it stops there. In the end, alliances will mean nothing. Continue reading