Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 15 (Leg 5, Day 1) – “Gurl, you can drive a stick!!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 15 (Leg 5, Day 1)

The 5th Leg (5th!!!!) begins as teams must drive from Baguio to the Lighthouse in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  But before they hop into their cars, everyone must vote for the team they want to Yield.

Saida & Jervi decide to Yield Dani & Mish and Boom & Cheng can’t stand LJ & CJ, so they vote for them.  Saida has trouble driving stick and only learned manual just before the Race.

After voting, naturally, for the leading team Marc & Kat, Dani hops out of their car to beg a taxi driver to lead them to Subic.  Mish has a solo confessional to say how she can’t understand Dani and thinks she can be immature and difficult.

Fausto & Dayal want to Yield the team that is their “sagabal” or hurdle in the Race.  On the road, Dayal is upset at Fausto’s crazy driving. 

They aren’t the only ones.  Mish speeds up on the road, but Gee shows everyone how it’s done, passing cars and trucks by going offroad and not letting other teams pass them.

Derek talks about how the Americans were driven away from their base in Subic because of Mount Pinatubo’s eruption (and the crazy locals of course) and how it has become a destination for adventure and nature lovers.  

Marc & Kat get to the Lighthouse and open the next clue telling them to head to Zoobic Safari where they must feed a tiger to receive their next clue.  If the kitty doesn’t finish the food though, they can’t get their next clue.

While Dani & Mish get lost on the expressway, Boom & Cheng, Sheena & Gee and Saida & Jervi get to the cluebox.

But Marc & Kat are still in the lead.  After feeding their kitty, they get the next clue pointing teams to the Road Block.

In this Road Block, the team member must complete a puzzle, putting Philippine presidents in order, within a set time limit.  This is while their partner is hanging 100 feet off the ground.  If they finish the puzzle correctly, that partner will be slowly lowered down.  If they get the puzzle incorrect, the partner will freefall.

Before teams can head to the Road Block, they must stop at the Yield board.  Marc & Kat are not surprised to see their faces on the board, but are surprised to see Dani & Mish have also garnered three votes and are also Yielded.

Ed & Angel, having taken the precarious Kennon Road instead of Marcos Highway, manage to catch up to Fausto & Dayal at the Lighthouse.  Meanwhile, Dani & Mish ask a guy at a burger place to ride with them to the Lighthouse.  

Dani apologizes for the hassle.  LJ & CJ bring up the rear.

Boom & Cheng and Sheena & Gee head to the tiger feeding together, but Boom & Cheng leave them behind forcing Sheena & Gee to wait for another touring trolley.

Ed & Angel and Fausto & Dayal feed kitty next with Saida & Jervi soon following with Jervi freaking the frack out.

Marc  & Kat’s Yield is finished before any other teams even arrive.  But Marc fails two attempts at the puzzle, causing Kat to drop twice.

Episode Thoughts
A very fast start to the leg.  UGH at Marc & Kat’s magical leads.  Really?

The driving was hilariously familiar and the tasks were nice, but let’s talk about those Yield votes!

Having watched TARAu2, I’ve seen how it works.  And the logical or as Mish put it, “natural” vote would be for the team that’s, um… well, won FOUR legs out of four and already won P800,000!  Obviously right?  Wrong.

Only three out of 7 possible teams voted for the team that’s dominating the Race.  Sheena & Gee’s vote was for some other random team, but Boom & Cheng voting for LJ & CJ… again?!  It wasn’t a good Yield the first time and even more idiotic this time.

But how about the others?  Saida & Jervi pass up two chances to Yield Marc & Kat.  If they had Yielded them last leg, they’d have a cool P200,000 between them.  But no, they were afraid of karma.  Okay.  So why then this leg vote for Dani & Mish?  They have a grudge  against bombshells or something?  

And LJ & CJ deciding to vote for Dani & Mish too instead of, say, the team that Yielded them last leg if not Marc & Kat?  Mind-boggling.  What is wrong with these people?  I can’t believe I’m applauding Fausto & Dayal’s Race choices now after voting for their “sagabal.”  Though they have other problems than Marc & Kat, at least they know what’s going on.  Ed & Angel, very smart as well.


Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
Baguio City, Benguet

Marc & Kat 6:58am
Saida & Jervi 7:13am
Boom & Cheng 7:41am
LJ & CJ  7:45am
Dani & Mish  7:50am
Sheena & Gee 8:00am
Fausto & Dayal  8:04am
Ed & Angel 8:12am


Ed & Angel
Dani & Mish
Fausto & Dayal align=

Marc & Kat
Saida & Jervi

Boom & Cheng

Sheena & Gee

Marc & Kat
Marc & Kat
Marc & Kat

Dani & Mish
Dani & Mish
Dani & Mish


Fausto & Dayal align=

Quotes from Episode 15

Dani: “Dude, it’s so hard asking directions here.  You’re like ‘How to get to Subic, how to get to Marcos,” and they’re like ‘Dyan lang, diretso lang.’  Hello!? Where?  Right, left, straight, ahead, where?”

Dani; “Gurl, you can drive a stick!!”

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Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 15 – “Gurl, you can drive a stick!!”

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