Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, Episode (12) 35 – Trust Me

Serrator casts a spell over an island, spreading black ash that instills grave fear and paranoia in its inhabitants. With communication cut off, t he Rangers go to investigate and split up to search as they find the people strangely hiding from them. Emily and Kevin chase an infected little boy through the woods who they get to calm down. Mike and Antonio go knocking around, but they get no answer. Continue reading

Grimm, Episode (19 and) 20 – Happily Ever Aftermath

Plus, Episode 19 – Leave It to The Beavers

“‘Wait!’ the troll said, jumping in front of him. ‘This is my toll bridge. You have to pay a penny to cross.'”

Before we get to episode 20, a little bit on episode 19.

Monroe helps Nick train with some Grimm weapons and good thing too as Reapers are stepping up their own hunt for Nick. First though, Nick has to help his Eisbiber friends against the Hässlich, troll-like Wesen who employ (and treat as underlings) the handy builders of the Eisbiber. Nick learns about the Eisbiber Lodge and how they do things. Meanwhile, Juliette asks Nick to invite Monroe over for dinner and Nick and Monroe have one funny, awkward evening trying to tiptoe around their true relationship. Back to the Reapers, Nick’s newfound mastery of the Grimm weaponry allows him to send a message back to the Reaper head honchos in Germany using… well, heads.

And now on to Episode 20…

“‘Wait!’ the troll said, jumping in front of him. ‘This is my toll bridge. You have to pay a penny to cross.'”

The head of an investment group kills himself after basically losing everyone’s money. One of the victims is Arthur. He’s worried, especially when he comes home to find his wife, Lucinda, has just bought a buttload of fancy stuff. He calls, Spencer, Lucinda’s godfather and he suggests they go to her stepmother, Mavis for help. Continue reading

Check-in Review: ABS-CBN’s Princess and I Doesn’t Like Being Laughed At and My Worst Fear is Here

The third week of ABS-CBN’s Princess and I was odd. For three weeks everyone’s been pointing and laughing at the strangely hilarious and completely unnecessary Filipino-dubbing of the series.

But now the dubbing is gone (save for a line or two in an episode) and everyone, no matter what race or ethnicity they’re supposed to be, can speak and understand Tagalog. Continue reading

Supernatural, Episode 7.21 – Reading is Fundamental

We meet Kevin Tran. A stereotypical AP Asian smarty pants. His girlfriend calls and he stresses over his admission essay and his SAT tomorrow. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean find a new hideout in Chicago and get to work breaking open the Iranian stone. Strangely, every time Dean hits the rock, thunder rolls, Sounds like a warning to stop, but Dean keeps going anyway until they break it open to uncover a tablet with strange writing on it. Continue reading