Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, Episode (12) 35 – Trust Me

Serrator casts a spell over an island, spreading black ash that instills grave fear and paranoia in its inhabitants. With communication cut off, t he Rangers go to investigate and split up to search as they find the people strangely hiding from them. Emily and Kevin chase an infected little boy through the woods who they get to calm down. Mike and Antonio go knocking around, but they get no answer.

“QUE PASA!?” Kevin calls the others to tell them about the black ash and they decide to met at the base of the mountain where the black ash is coming from. But the Rangers get cornered.

First, Dayu fights Emily and Kevin.. Then Serrator stops Mike and Antonio.

“You’re feeling it right now, aren’t you, that feeling creeping up your spine, telling you you’ve fallen in a trap and there’s no escape.”

Jayden and Mia wonder where the others are until they run into Decker. He says URAMAASAA! will be whole again soon, but in the mean, they can have some fun.

The Rangers morph and battle the three Nighloks.

“Think of it as your personal apocalypse.”

Back in Panorama City (heyoh!), Cody from the mountains arrives with a gift for Mentor/Ji. Back on the island, Dayu throw Kevin and Emily in the water while Decker gets bored with Jayden’s edgeless and weak fighting. You’re not worth it anymore, Decker says and leaves.

Meanwhile, on the Sanzu, Serrator proclaims “The era of the laser blaster is here.” OOH-AH-OOH! Octoroo is excited that the firepower of the blasters will easily beat the Samurai’s swords.

“Firepower will reign supreme and Samurai will be so last year.” (OOH-AH-OOH! Indeed!)

Mia tries calling Mentor/Ji, but realizes the ash is blocking island communication. Jayden, with Mia’s scarf used as a sling, sits thinking about Decker’s taunts from earlier. Mia tries comforting him, but he says Decker can see his weakness and once URAMAASAAAA! is completed, he’ll be twice as deadly.

“Jayden, we have complete faith in you!”
“There are things about me you don’t know.”

Jayden runs toward the fire pit at the base of the mountain and Mia runs after him. Dayu leaves Jayden to Decker, but he maintains that Jayden isn’t worth fighting anymore. “Fine, then I’ll finish him,” Dayu says gleefully.

Mia arrives to save an injured Jayden.

“Mia! This is too dangerous! Protect yourself, I can fight my own battles.”
“Have you forgotten? We’ve put our lives in your hands and you trusted to put yours in ours. That promise isn’t a weakness Jayden. We’re Rangers together, Samurai forever. I’d say more, but I owe Dayu some payback.”

Mia morphs to take on Dayu and Jayden gets a second wind as he morphs too. The others arrive, as does Serrator. “Haven’t you heard? The Spin Sword is obsolete,” he tells them.

His general Malden appears with the Master Blasters and they fire their laser blasters at the Rangers. Jayden goes SUPER! and they take on the Moogers while also making fun of traditional Japanese hats.

Antonio gets cocky and then gets bombarded with laser hits. (Probably shouldn’t have insulted Japanese rice hats.)

Suddenly, Mentor/Ji/he’s gotten better arrives, punches a couple of Master Blaster Moogers, and unveils Cody’s gift, the Bullzooka!

Jayden uses it to take care of all the Master Blasters and then Malden before he embiggens. The four get into the Bullzord and Antonio in the light zord to take on Malden, while Jayden tries to put out the fire.

Decker stands in his way and he dares Jayden to use the blaster on him. “I have more important concerns than you Decker,” Jayden says and he fires at the pit, allowing the island people to recover.

Decker stands his ground with Jayden still pointing the Bullzooka in his direction. But Serrator steps in and says to put their egos away since he has bigger plans for them. He calls on Spitfangs and a Papyrox (thanks for the names Emily!) which the Rangers easily take care of when they go Giga with Shogun mode.

Later, on their way to the ferry, Mia reminds Jayden, “Decker was wrong about you… you were born to be our leader. To be a part of us.”
“Thanks, if they only knew.”

Mike decides to be a jerk and calls Mentor/Ji old and gets buried in fishnets and boxes.

Episode Thoughts
Now that was a pretty solid episode. It was quick, action-packed, and featured actual movement in the story.

The scenes on the island were well done (both original and the Shinkenger footage). Serrator’s development has also been great especially compared to Xandred’s stagnant, almost played for laughs villain role. There were a couple of great lines during the episode (shocking!), but probably the best was Octoroo saying Samurai would be “so last year.” Yo, Octoroo, they already are so last year! But enough of the Samurai jabs. Lol

Mia’s little pep up speech to Jayden was actually pretty awesome. I loved it. Especially the ” I’d say more, but I owe Dayu some payback” part. That’s probably the most kick-ass thing Mia’s said all season. Not even the “Rangers together, Samurai forever” inclusion took away from the speech.

Serrator’s lines were also deliciously sinister and Decker’s insults/insinuations toward Jayden and his secret were pretty good too. (It’s almost time!!!!)

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episodes: Act 38 – Showdown with the Rifle Squad and Act 39 – The Very Urgent First Aid Emergency

Very interesting for Power Rangers to merge two Shinkenger episodes together. It made for a very fast-paced and full Samurai episode that’s for sure. And I actually think they did it well. Having to combine both episodes and piecing together battles from both could’ve turned out a lot messier, but I thought they did a good job.

Again, originality and creativity wins!

I also thought it was interesting that maybe for the first time, lines that were directly translated and meant for a Shinkenger-only plot point (the “retainers”/vassals protecting their lord/tono) worked and fit in fine on Samurai (Mia’s speech to Jayden).

Overall, a strong episode. I definitely liked it.

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