Grimm, Episode (19 and) 20 – Happily Ever Aftermath

Plus, Episode 19 – Leave It to The Beavers

“‘Wait!’ the troll said, jumping in front of him. ‘This is my toll bridge. You have to pay a penny to cross.'”

Before we get to episode 20, a little bit on episode 19.

Monroe helps Nick train with some Grimm weapons and good thing too as Reapers are stepping up their own hunt for Nick. First though, Nick has to help his Eisbiber friends against the Hässlich, troll-like Wesen who employ (and treat as underlings) the handy builders of the Eisbiber. Nick learns about the Eisbiber Lodge and how they do things. Meanwhile, Juliette asks Nick to invite Monroe over for dinner and Nick and Monroe have one funny, awkward evening trying to tiptoe around their true relationship. Back to the Reapers, Nick’s newfound mastery of the Grimm weaponry allows him to send a message back to the Reaper head honchos in Germany using… well, heads.

And now on to Episode 20…

“‘Wait!’ the troll said, jumping in front of him. ‘This is my toll bridge. You have to pay a penny to cross.'”

The head of an investment group kills himself after basically losing everyone’s money. One of the victims is Arthur. He’s worried, especially when he comes home to find his wife, Lucinda, has just bought a buttload of fancy stuff. He calls, Spencer, Lucinda’s godfather and he suggests they go to her stepmother, Mavis for help.

But the stepmother turns out to be pretty cold to them as she and her two daughters never had a good relationship with Lucinda in the first place. She doesn’t help. That night, a Wesen attacks her in her home with a high-pitched sound that not only bursts all the glass in the home, it makes Mavis’ ears and eyes explode.

Next morning, Juliette calls the detective who worked on the case involving the death of Nick’s parents after he has a nightmare about the accident. Detective Arnold says he’ll contact Nick with anything he finds.

Meanwhile, Nick and Hank are on the case and they talk to Tiffany and Taylor, Mavis’ daughters and Lucinda’s stepsisters. They suspect it was their brother in law Arthur. Nick and Hank go talk to Arthur, Lucinda and Spencer and they give their alibis, but Nick sees Spencer’s true Wesen form.

Before heading to the station, Det. Arnold calls Nick and tells him there were four suspects after his parents’ accident was reclassified as a murder. Three of them, Soledad Marquesa, Hanz Roth and Ian Flynn are very familiar to Nick after the whole three coins incident. But the fourth suspect, Akira Kimura, is still at large.

At the station, Arthur tells them the story of how he met Lucinda. He was originally set to meet the two stepsisters at a fancy ball, but instead it was Lucinda he fell in love with. Being the outsider in the family after her father’s death, Lucinda marrying Arthur must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, he says.

They talk to Lucinda next who tells them about her mother dying when she was 9, then her father dying just 7 months after he married Mavis, leaving her with people she didn’t know. They never got along and she would close herself off to everyone.

Except for Spencer. He tells Nick and Hank about promising his best friend, Lucinda’s father, to protect her. He was Lucinda’s only real family after her father died. It was then she learned her father’s estate was left to the stepsisters and not her.

Back at their mansion, Lucinda insists to Arthur that she go over to talk to her stepsisters, but he tries to stop her. Tiffany is now the head bitch in charge, though Taylor unsuccessfully tries to get her to help Lucinda. Next morning, Lucinda goes over to Tiffany before Arthur realizes. Tiffany recounts how Lucinda was a terror, she acted like she was entitled to everything and as if she was a little princess. She doesn’t want to talk to Lucinda anymore, but Lucinda asks her to listen to one thing.

She morphs into Wesen form and does her high-pitched scream. Tiffany’s eyeballs and eardrums are toast. Nick and Monroe research and they find the Wesen that could do the exploding body parts thing is a Murciélago. It can only be killed by using a Murciélago Matraca, a hand cranked contraption that also emits a high-pitched sound that affects Wesen only.

Arthur tells Spencer that Lucinda has gone and he rushes to the mansion only to find Tiffany already dead. Nick arrives and assumes it was Spencer and they take him into custody. At the station, Spencer attempts to confess to the murders.

“I know what you are and I guess you both know what I am,” he starts, worrying Nick. He explains all about the high-pitched sound which makes Hank think he’s crazy. When Hank leaves, Spencer and Nick talk freely and he says that he feels responsible for the murders because he’s failed Lucinda and her father. She has no conscience and she made those people’s lives miserable. He tells Nick that once the last stepsister dies, Lucinda inherits everything.

Nick leaves the interrogation room to call Monroe to get the Matraca, but suddenly the station hears a high-pitched sound. Spencer has escaped through the window. He runs to Arthur and Lucinda’s house, but only finds Arthur drinking away after he stands up to Lucinda who in turn tells him that she never loved him. Spencer runs out as Nick calls Taylor, the last sister to warn her. But Lucinda is already there.

While Hank stays with Taylor, Nick chases after Lucinda. Monroe arrives with the Matraca and they try to use it, but Lucinda escapes by jumping out the window. Spencer catches her and says he should’ve helped her a long time ago. He kills her with his screech, but before she’s completely dead, she bites his neck and the both die.

Nick presents the Matraca to Renard as the weapon used in the murders. And at home, Nick and Juliette look over the files sent over by Detective Arnold.

Episode Thoughts
I caught up with both episodes today and both had their own great qualities. First, episode 19 was great and definitely big in the mythology part of the series. Nick’s sent a message to the French-German Reapers and the scenes of Monroe and Nick training with the weapons was fun. We also got more insight into our friendly Eisbibers and the interactions of Wesen with each other, like the Eisbiber lodge.

As for this episode, episode 20, it was mostly filler, but a good one. It was a simple, yet good interpretation of Cinderella. Definitely not the more familiar Disney-fied version, eh? But the biggest takeaway is of course the introduction of the fourth suspect in the murder of Nick’s parents. It will be interesting to see if he will play a part this season or maybe it is setting up next season’s story.

Overall, two good episodes. Only two more left in the season. Hopefully both will get heavy on the greater mythology as we head into the summer break.

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