Why TAR7 Episodes?!


Ewe… why the hell would they choose 2 season 7 episodes to submit to the Emmys… ugh, they could’ve submitted the Philippine leg or the finale of TAR5 or “Quit Following Us” from TAR6 where they pay tribute to the slaves in Senegal… There’s also “What if this isn’t sanitary?” where Don starts to cry tears of pride after Mary Jean completed the Road Block…

I think those episodes are a lot more Emmy worthy than Rob the asshole being an asshole… his cockiness and “jerkiness” just supercedes the amazing Meredith & Gretchen after Gretchen fell down in the cave.

If I were an Emmy voter, I’d give the Contender the Emmy before I honor TAR7… If it was being judged on TAR5 or TAR6, then TAR would be a shoo-in… now I’m not so sure…

Of the latest “rock ballads”
“Pieces” is definitely the best one…

One thought on “Why TAR7 Episodes?!

  1. OMYGOSH YES! i love pieces!!! didnt i convince u into loving that song?!?!?! soo.. anyways.. how has ur vacation been?? and omygosh.. u will not believe this.. but guess what i saw in hawaii.. ur one american idol.. can u guess.. can u?? i saw her in a commercial!! haha..me and lily were like wheres lester?

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