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My Top 20 Favorite Korean Dramas of 2022!
My Top 15 Favorite OSTs of 2022!

I felt a bit of a K-drama slump this year, but there was no shortage of wonderful OSTs. To be honest, I made this separate list of favorite OSTs mainly because of my top two. But it was also great to come up with this list as it reminded me of some great series this year and their great music. The best OSTs are ones that capture and encapsulate what each series brings to life. So you’ll see those words quite often in this list. (lol)

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Good Ol’ Review: “Once Upon a Small Town” a Warm, Charming Series

Once Upon a Small Town (어쩌다 전원일기/Accidental Country Diary) blends together the best of romantic comedy and small-town nostalgia to deliver a warm, fun and enjoyable time. Park Soo Young (Red Velvet’s Joy) and Choo Young Woo lead a charming ensemble cast in this breezy series that takes full advantage of its cast and beautiful location.

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