The Amazing Race Philippines: Celebrity Edition 2 (DryedMangoez Edition 14) – Leg 10 – Australia

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Leg 14.10 – “He wants to push me out of a plane!”


The teams are getting closer and closer to home, but first, they must fly to the Land Down Under! Continue reading

Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 26 – Warrior of Darkness, Hebitsukai Metal

Kyuranger 26

Naga is distracted as the Kyurangers battle embiggened Tsuyoindaver and Moraimarz. Tsurugi tells whoever is in charge of the left leg to stop slacking. Naga snaps out of his stupor and starts moving erratically. Tsurugi decides to bench Naga and orders KyutamaJin to separate into their three base formations. Continue reading