Young Rich and Educated People Watch The Amazing Race

With the regular TV season over, the different season ratings and rankings are being reported and being broken down into any different demographic group you can think of. The Amazing Race shows up in the Top 20 of two lists: Young and Rich and Young and Educated.

According to Deadline, The Amazing Race is the #16 highest indexing broadcast show in the 18-49 demo in households earning $150k. It has an index of 140 and a rating of 3.23. That is compared to the #1 favorite show among young rich people, ABC’s The Bachelor which has an index of 211.

The Amazing Race is also the #17 most watched show amongst 18-49-year-old viewers with 4+ years of college with a 3.13 rating and a 136 index. That is compared to the #1 show in the measure, Fox’s The Mindy Project with a 3.06 rating and a 166 index.

The Amazing Race has always scored with upscale viewers, which is definitely a plus for the show. Advertisers like the young demo, but they also like rich viewers. TAR’s 18-49 audience has dipped drastically in the last two years, but it still attracts a solid upscale audience.

4 thoughts on “Young Rich and Educated People Watch The Amazing Race

  1. I have always wondered why TAR’s ratings cannot match that of Survivor. According to BBM Canada’s website, TAR Canada’s viewership was pretty high last season, it was the #1 show every week. Maybe the original version of The Amazing Race cannot draw large audiences (except for 8 and 24) ?

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