Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.15 – Mr. Sandman

“‘Now we’ve got eyes — eyes — a beautiful pair of children’s eyes’, he whispered.”

Grimm 215

While Juliette continues hearing voices at home and seeing green waifs, Nick is having dinner with Monroe, Rosalee and Hank and telling them about everything that’s happened. Monroe and Rosalee reason that maybe Renard isn’t accepted in the Royal Family since he’s half Hexenbiest, or more appropriately, he’s half Zauberbiest since he’s male. They wonder whose side he must be on. Continue reading

What The Amazing Race Has Meant to Me

I have been a fan of The Amazing Race since it premiered on September 5, 2001. For 21 and a half seasons and 12 years, The Amazing Race has brought teams of two to some of the most beautiful and eye opening destinations around the world to compete in a Race for a million dollars. Not only are teams merely competing on a reality show, they are also experiencing different worlds, different cultures and different people; so different from their everyday lives here in the United States. But alongside those differences, teams have found that the world really is a small place. That even crazy Americans have something in common with people who live half away around the world.

And because their experiences are being filmed and broadcast, millions and millions of viewers, not just in the United States, but around the world where the show is broadcast, also get to enjoy these experiences. The viewers are able to live vicariously through the contestants, able to learn about people and places they might have never even heard of.

The Amazing Race has been able to open many eyes to the world around us while also being a breathtaking travelogue and great TV.

So it is very conflicting and saddening to see The Amazing Race being accused of being anti-American and of disrespecting and insulting Vietnam War veterans. Continue reading