Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.15 – Mr. Sandman

“‘Now we’ve got eyes — eyes — a beautiful pair of children’s eyes’, he whispered.”

Grimm 215

While Juliette continues hearing voices at home and seeing green waifs, Nick is having dinner with Monroe, Rosalee and Hank and telling them about everything that’s happened. Monroe and Rosalee reason that maybe Renard isn’t accepted in the Royal Family since he’s half Hexenbiest, or more appropriately, he’s half Zauberbiest since he’s male. They wonder whose side he must be on.

Grimm 215

Over in Vienna, Adalind gets a visit from Frau Pech who knew her mother well. She knows quite a bit about Adalind, including that she’s powerless and pregnant. Adalind’s not sure who’s the father, she’s got two choices and she asks Frau to help figure out what the baby with Royal blood is worth.

Meanwhile, Nick and Hank are investigating a dead body. After getting some info on the perp, Andre, they visit Harper (yay!) the medical examiner who tells them the eyes of the victim are filled with parasites common in Kenya. They cause blindness, but it’s impossible for such parasites to be in Portland.

Andre attacks another woman, but this time, she stays alive.

Grimm 215

Juliette visits Rosalee and asks about any possible side effects of the stuff they made her drink. She tells Rosalee about what she’s been seeing and hearing at home and Rosalee offers to keep her company and maybe figure out what’s going on.

That night, they walk into the house, but when Juliette hears the voice and sees the green waif of a ghost run up the stairs into the bedroom, Rosalee doesn’t.

“I’m losing my mind!”

Grimm 215

Meanwhile, the other half of the cursed couple, Renard is shirtless in bed with an equally naked then dry and crackly Juliette… or so his dream says.

Nick, Monroe and Hank head to the trailer where they find out this creature is a Jinnamuru Xuntee. This Wesen basically feeds off the tears of people like an “opium addict.”

Grimm 215

Harper calls Nick and Monroe to tell them the parasites are rapidly getting bigger in the 2nd victim since she as the host is still alive. They visit her in the hospital and are there just in time to see the woman, Kelly, rip off the covering of her eyes to reveal… nothing. She’s got no more eyes.

They manage to track Andre to a high school where he’s planning on choosing another victim, but they see him and chase him around.

But when Nick catches up, Andre blows his blinding parasitic sand into his eyes and gets away. Now Nick can’t see.

Grimm 215

Hank brings Nick to the spice shop where Rosalee tells them they need the eyeball of the Jinnamuru Xuntee to be used in the antidote.

Grimm 215

Andre goes to attack Kelly’s sister Casey at her home and Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee head over.

Grimm 215

Casey manages to fight off Andre until they arrive. Nick, using his newfound super hearing, tracks Andre in the attack and they fight. He finally gets a hold on Andre and Monroe spoons the eye out of the Jinnamuru Xuntee’s socket. Rosalee smushes the eye into the antidote she had prepared and puts it on a handkerchief to tie around Nick’s eyes.

Andre runs downstairs, now blind and is met with a stab in the gut from Casey.

Grimm 215

Juliette is at home and again sees the green waif. She’s not afraid this time and demands to know what the hell it wants. Suddenly, the green smokey waif turns into Nick before it dissolves again.

Nick and Monroe are in the forest. Blindfolded, Nick manages to whack every single fruit and vegetable Monroe throws at him. Looks like the worms have at least given him a new superpower with his ears.

Grimm 215

Episode Thoughts
Well damn! That had to be the most disgusting episode of Grimm ever! I don’t even think the burned out eye sockets in Supernatural were this icky and creepy. This episode was absolutely insanity for me.

I mean come on. Rosalee squishing that eye into mush!? Insane!

You know what one of the scariest film scenes I’ve ever watched is? The scene in Hitchcock’s The Birds where they find the school teacher’s eye sockets, completely empty and pecked out by the crows. *shudder* So nasty and creepy and horrible. Eeek.

So, anything with eyes, I’m freaked out by. And this episode definitely had plenty of that.

Meh to the Adalind’s baby developments. But Oooo! at the green waif haunting Juliette. I actually that might be her memories coming back to her, though they really haven’t made clear that she still has that selective amnesia about Nick. What happened to the black holes though? =( Sad they weren’t anything more. Hmph.

So overall, it was an okay episode. Icky and creepy though. Eeeeee.

And maybe I wasn’t able to enjoy the episode more since I’ve been all worked up about The Amazing Race. =(

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