The Amazing Race’s Emmy Submissions Through the Years

The Amazing Race‘s Emmy Submissions Through the Years

I’ve decided to keep this post updated every year.

For history’s sake, here are TAR’s previous Emmy submissions:

2003: Episode 3.08 – “This Is More Important Than Your Pants Falling Down!”
Switzerland – John Vito & Jill NEL; Falling pants, Lots of running, footrace to Mat

2004: Episode 4.06 – “I Could Have Never Been Prepared For What I’m Looking At Right Now”
India – Monica & Sheree eliminated; The infamous trains episode: “Don’t touch my boob man or I’ll throw you off the train!”

2005: Episode 7.07(?) – “We’re Moving Up the Food Chain”
Hour 2 of “I’ve Been Wanting a Face Lift for a Long Time”
Botswana – Ray & Deana eliminated; Brian & Greg’s accident/comeback

2006: Episode 9.08 – “Here Comes the Bedouin”
Oman – BJ & Tyler NEL; Bedouins! Camels!

2007: Episode 10.04 – “I Know Phil, Little Ol’ Gorgeous Thing!”
Vietnam – Tom & Terry eliminated; Junks and sampans

2008: Episode 12.08 – “Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something!”
India – Kynt & Vyxsin eliminated; Ron & Christina putting up the poster and stepping on flimsy crates! Kynt & Vyxsin yoga Speed Bump.

2009: Episode 14.01 – “Don’t Let a Cheese Hit Me”
Switzerland – Preston & Jennifer eliminated; Premiere; Cheese; Margie & Luke win leg

2010: Episode 16.05 – “I Think We’re Fighting the Germans, Right?”
France – Joe & Heidi eliminated; WWI simulation

2011: Episode 18.07 – “You Don’t Get Paid Unless You Win”
India – Ron & Christina eliminated Frown ; Funeral spires… India.

2012: Episode 20.08 – “Let Them Drink Their Haterade”
Tanzania – Nary & Jamie eliminated; Safari, Mark & Bopper win

2013: Episode 22.07 – “Be Safe and Don’t Hit a Cow”
Botswana – Pam & Winnie’s shocking elimination; Caroline & Jennifer are pulled over by the police and need to pay a fine; Crocodile water skiing fast forward

2014: Episode 23.09 – “Part Like the Red Sea”
Indonesia – Ally & Ashley eliminated; Angklung, Nicole meltdown, ramming rams

2015: Episode 25.05 – “Morocc’and Roll”
Morocco – Keith & Whitney eliminated; Jemaa el-Fnaa madness, tea, head twirls, “AND WHAT?!”
*Also submitted for consideration: TAR25.10 – “Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks” (Philippines 1) and TAR25.12 – “All or Nothing” (Finale/Los Angeles)

2016: Episode 28.05 – “We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today”
France – Erin & Joslyn eliminated; poor Leg design, pretty snowy mountains, unfair final Road Block, lack of competition

2017: Episode 29.03 – “Bucket List Type Stuff”
Tanzania – Seth & Olive eliminated; U-Turn, passport drama, market shopping.

2018: Episode 30.08 – “It’s Just a Million Dollars, No Pressure”
Hong Kong & United States – 2-hour Season Finale; Best Final Leg ever; One of the worst winners ever

2019: Episode 31.06 – “Who Wants a Rolex?”
Uganda – Janelle & Britney eliminated; Market confusion, Speed Bump, Head-to-Head, Big Brother BFFs heartbreak


2021: Episode 32.07 – “Give Me a Beard Bump”
Kazakhstan – Leo & Alana eliminated; Big budget Detour, low budget alliance

Starting in 2022, programs are able to submit a compilation of footage from whole seasons as “Season Body of Work”. Episodes listed below are as noted.
2022: Episode 33.04 – “Ready to Restart the Race”
Switzerland – Race restart after COVID production suspension
*Featured Emmy night clip was from this episode.

2023: Episode 34.02 – “Patience, Is the New Me”
Austria – Tim & Rex eliminated; 90-minute episode; Yodeling, dancing, Glockenklang bells
*Specifically submitted in the Directing category. Series Body of Work submitted in others, though descriptions for those categories use the summary of this episode.

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