CONFIRMED! The Amazing Race 18 Will Premiere This Spring and in HD!

CONFIRMED! The Amazing Race 18 Will Premiere This Spring and in HD!

CBS has finally and officially confirmed that season 18 of the Emmy award winning The Amazing Race is not only a go, but will indeed premiere this Spring AND be filmed and broadcast in high definition for the first time.

CBS had only announced an order for TAR17 back at the May Upfronts with no word on TAR18.  However, whispers have become increasingly louder over the last few months that TAR18 would be some kind of All-Stars edition (the 2nd for the series).  Talk became especially louder when CBS and TAR executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer asked fans for opinions of favorite teams and tasks from previous seasons.  There was also talk CBS might bench TAR for the Spring.  

But with confirmation that TAR18 will indeed premiere this Spring and with no application process and/or casting calls being held for it, all signs are pointing to it in fact being an All-Star-type Race with a slight possibility they would tap into audition pools from previous cycles.

CBS’ confirmation comes two days after James Hibberd of The Hollywood Reporter reported CBS pres Nina Tassler revealing TAR would go HD next year.  TAR’s HD upgrade comes two years after network sibling Survivor went high definition as well as the current seasons of The Amazing Race Asia and The Amazing Race China Rush adopting widescreen, possibly high definition broadcasts as well.

The CBS press release also confirmed the TAR17 finale will air on Sunday, December 12th.

Click here to read CBS’ full press release

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