Finally! The Amazing Race Goes HD!

Finally! The Amazing Race Goes HD!

CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that The Amazing Race will finally go HD next year. 

Tassler tells THR, “Yes, yes, yes.  We are doing Amazing Race in HD next year. I just announced it, there you go.”

CBS had already begun filming and broadcasting Survivor in high definition two years ago, but the network and producers had cited high costs, the difficulty with the logistics of the Race, the bulkiness of equipment as well as having to upgrade local equipment worldwide as deterrents to make the move to HD.  That was despite many who said the international locales on TAR were prime for HD treatment.

Tassler, however, does not confirm if the upgrade will happen for TAR18 (expected to begin production later this month) or even whether or not TAR18 will premiere in the Spring or be held until Fall 2011 which will be the series’ 10th anniversary.

Read full article from James Hibberd at THR and read Nina Tassler’s full interview in the new Hollywood Reporter Magazine, in stores this week.

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