Teams for The Amazing Race Asia 4 Announced!

Teams for The Amazing Race Asia 4 Announced!

AXN Asia has revealed the teams for the fourth season of The Amazing Race Asia and if you thought there were mactors on the American Race, Survivor or Big Brother, then you haven’t seen TARA!

The new group of teams, like the first three seasons of the Asian version of the Emmy award winning series, features plenty of aspiring models and actors, reality show vets and already established media personalities.  Don’t fear though, there’s a father and daughter and a married couple thrown in too.

But despite the hilariously cynical casting, The Amazing Race Asia has been fun and enjoyable in its first three seasons.  It gave the franchise its first all-female winners in the show’s first season!  A feat still to be accomplished on the American original.

And the Asian version has always been very interesting in seeing different cultures running together on the Race than just seeing regular Americans in those same cultures.

The Amazing Race Asia premieres Thursday, September 23rd on AXN Asia.

Log on to the official Amazing Race Asia website at AXN to meet the teams.

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