Spend Valentine’s Day with The Amazing Race

For the 16th time this Sunday, The Amazing Race returns to bring the world to everyone’s living rooms. The international hit that sees 11 pairs of Americans racing around the world for a million dollars has captivated audiences for the last 9 years.

And even after 15 seasons, The Amazing Race continues to be as thrilling and exciting as it did when it premiered in 2001.

While many reality shows depend on its contestants and the personalities that come with them to attract an audience, The Amazing Race has managed to balance that with the challenges and destinations that become even bigger personalities than the humans themselves. Though The Amazing Race could do without the stunt casting (this season includes Big Brother “couple” Jeff & Jordan and the infamous 2007 Miss Teen South Carolina), the exotic locales and the people the teams meet along the way make up for it.

You only have to watch one episode of The Amazing Race to see why they’ve deserved all seven Emmys it has been honored with, and there is no reason they won’t win the next seven. At its weakest (and that term is used lightly), The Amazing Race serves up more edge of your seat thrills, drama, and comedy than even the best scripted shows can. Bonus points for allowing the audience to travel the world vicariously through the contestants.

So this Valentine’s Day and every Sunday for the next three months, why not spend an hour with The Amazing Race? Who knows? It might just inspire you to be one of the next teams to travel the world.

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