A Deleted Scene Reveals a Continuing Alliance on The Amazing Race 15

A Deleted Scene Reveals a Continuing Alliance!
Plus more bonus videos from Leg 3 of The Amazing Race 15

Missed the episode? Or just want to watch it again?  Watch Episode 3 now on CBS.com!

DELETED SCENE: Brothers Sam & Dan continue their partnership with poker players Maria & Tiffany.

Who do Team Zebra call Prom Ken and Barbie?

Not so worldly travelers Gary & Matt give their impressions of what they’ve seen so far.

Marcy explains what’s most important to her in running the race as well as what it takes to win.

Maria & Tiffany don’t feel that they’re being treated differently by teams who now know that they play poker for a living.

More videos at CBS’ YouTube Channel and on CBS.com

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