Ludia to Develop Amazing Race Video Games

Ludia to Develop Amazing Race Video Games

Feels wierd not having a new episode of The Amazing Race this week right? But here’s some fun news…

Ludia, a casual game developer, announced that they will create video games based on The Amazing Race.  In a partnership with CBS Consumer Products, the games will be released across multiple platforms this fall in conjunction with the 14th season of the series.

From Ludia’s press release:

“The heart-pounding adventure, around-the-world competition and postcard worthy settings of ‘The Amazing Race’ are perfectly suited for video game adaptation,” said Alex Thabet, Founder and CEO of Ludia. “We are thrilled to add such a high-energy, suspenseful franchise to our slate, and we will infuse those key elements into a highly social, team-based multiplayer game that unites duos in cooperative game play to compete against rivals.”

“The Amazing Race” video game teams players up in pairs for an unforgettable journey across exotic locations and continents in a race against time and other teams. Players work to find each checkpoint and take on dozens of frantic challenges and tasks as they navigate Detours, Roadblocks and other unpredictable game elements from the show. Working together strategically throughout the game is essential as each team tries to discover hidden clues that are crucial to getting them to the Pit Stop first- and one step closer to ultimate victory at the check-in mat.”

“We are delighted to be working with Ludia to deliver an ‘Amazing Race’ experience to a broader public and to offer fans of the show a heightened new level of interaction with the brand,” adds Liz Kalodner, Executive Vice President & General Manager of CBS Consumer Products.

Ludia has produced games based on The Price is Right and Hell’s Kitchen

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