Surprised, but not surprised

With my being busy with the stupid speech, I was surprised, but not so surprised by the 49ers trade of QB Tim Rattay. The Niners are still in rebuilding mode. Any chance we get Leinart next year? lol Alex Smith is still learning, but he definitely has the talent to pull it off. This should also serve as a morale boost for the team too. So good luck to them on Sunday…

Now on to college football… the USC/NOTRE DAME game on Saturday was freakin’ amazing. I like ND, but I am a huge USC fan so it was fun to watch. I’m excited about a few games this Saturday. TEXAS and TEXAS TECH, that is going to be good … Sacred Heart’s Jason Hill, currently playing for WASHINGTON STATE comes to the Bay Area to play CAL… and watching a USC is always fun, they play WASHINGTON

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